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  2. Gibberish Questions need more time to type!!!! – Jackbox Games

    Slow typers simply don't have enough time or if you have accidentally misspelled something, it doesn't give you enough time to correct...

  3. Gibberish Generator - Wlonk

    Gibberish Samples Gibberish Generator © 2003-2016 Keith Enevoldsen This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  4. "Gibberish" is an umbrella term for any nonsensical language that is hard to understand, such as baby talk. However, all established variants use the same pattern: A nonsense sound is inserted into every syllable when speaking.

  5. What are some good examples of gibberish? - Quora

    What are some good examples of gibberish? Update Cancel. ... I have a habit of speaking gibberish to myself when I'm ... let us leave this question suspended for the ...

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  7. Gibberish Forums - Ask an expert about gibberish ... Discussion by One Eyed Mind Posted 10/01/14 10:54 PM

  8. The Quiz about Gibberish! -

    How well do you know my Gibberish Language??!!! ... The Quiz about Gibberish! by: TeamElizabeth101. 84 Responses ... The Trick Question Quiz

  9. Gibberish in Email Response -

    Hi Bilgly, Before going further, could you please clarify the following questions to help narrow down the issue? By "sent from iPhone", do you mean sent ...

  10. Miss Venezuela's hilarious gibberish answer to question ...

    Irene Sofia Esser Quintero was the talk of the Internet on Thursday after she attempted to answer a question in English during the pageant's finals.

  11. Gibberish - Wikipedia

    Gibberish, jibberish, jibber-jabber, and gobbledygook refer to speech or other use of language that is nonsense, or that appears to be nonsense. It may include speech sounds that are not actual words, or forms such as language games or highly specialized jargon that seems non-sensical to outsiders.