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  2. The Evolution of the Internet | PCWorld

    The origins of the Internet date back nearly 40 years, with the U.S. military's funding of a research network dubbed Arpanet in 1969. Since then, the Internet has undergone more than just a name change.

  3. Evolution of the Internet - Cisco

    Evolution of the Internet The structure and makeup of the Internet has adapted as the needs of its community have changed. Today's Internet serves the largest and most diverse community of network users in the computing world.

  4. Brief History of the Internet | Internet Society

    Brief History of the Internet. ... In this paper, 3 several of us involved in the development and evolution of the Internet share our views of its origins and history.

  5. Evolution of the Web - Official Site

    The Evolution of the Web The web today is a growing universe of interlinked web pages and web apps, teeming with videos, photos, and interactive content. What the average user doesn't see is the interplay of web technologies and browsers that makes all this possible.

  6. The History and Evolution of the Internet, Media, and News ...

    The History and Evolution of the Internet, Media, and News in 5 Infographics by Susan Gunelius | Oct 24, 2013 | Blog Post, Featured Post, Research & Statistics | 0 comments When the Internet debuted in 1984, the world began to change in dramatic ways.

  7. Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web

    This timeline offers a brief history of the Internet’s evolution: 1965: Two computers at MIT Lincoln Lab communicate with one another using packet-switching technology.

  8. Timeline: Evolution of the Internet - Eaton Hand

    Table 1. Timeline: Evolution of the Internet (1, 27) 1836: Telegraph patented. 1866: First Transatlantic cable operational. 1876: Telephone exhibited by Alexander ...

  9. The Evolution of the Internet of Things -

    The Evolution of the Internet of Things September 2013 Figure 1. IoT-enabled home with connected devices and appliances working invisibly for consumers.

  10. A Brief History of the Internet

    The Internet was designed to provide a communications network that would work even if some of the major sites were down. If the most direct route was not available, routers would direct traffic around the network via alternate routes. The early Internet was used by computer experts, engineers, scientists, and librarians.

  11. How the Next Evolution of the Internet Is Changing Everything

    Now consider that IoT represents the next evolution of the Internet, taking a huge leap in its ability to gather, analyze, ...