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  2. How many chapters, verses, and words are in the Bible ...

    Bible Answer: The number of chapters, verses and words in the Old Testament, New Testament and entire Bible depends upon the Bible translation. Each Bible will have a different number as the translators try to accurately communicate the sense of the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, but the differences should be small.

  3. How Many Words Are There in the Bible? – Word Counter Blog

    starting with the first word in Genesis to the last word in Malachi a total of 602,582 add this to the number of books 39 and verses 929 total is the same as the number in numbers 1:46, 603,550. the total number of words in the old and new testament can be calculated from genesis 6:3. it is 100% correct.

  4. Shortest and longest words. The shortest words in the KJV are a, I and O. They occur in all three parts of the Bible. Longest word in the Old Testament: longest: Mahershalalhashbaz, 18 characters. Maher-shalal-hash-baz was a son of the prophet Isaiah.

  5. What is the exact amount of words in the bible -

    However, you will see other totals around which include things like the number of words on the cover (2 - 'Holy Bible'!) the words in the preface to a particular edition, the book titles, an extra 1,189 as the words 'Chapter.... x... ' is written in some editions, as is the word 'Psalm' listed at the front of each psalm in some editions whilst just a number is written in others, and so on.

  6. This Is How Many Words Are Spoken By Women In The Bible

    There are 93 women who speak in the Bible, 49 of whom are named. These women speak a total of 14,056 words collectively -- roughly 1.1 percent of the Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

  7. How long are the books of the Bible? (Word count chart)

    The Bible is more than 600,000 words long in its original languages—but how long are the 66 individual books of the Bible?

  8. Number of words in the Bible - A Knowledge Archive

    Not too many people know that there are 774,746 total words in the holy book called The Bible. The main idea is that the Old Testament has 593,493 words and the New Testament has 181,253 words. It is important to know that the Bible contains 66 books, divided among the Old and New Testaments.

  9. King James Bible Statistics -

    So the King James Bible has the words "the Lord" right in the center of it. ... Total Books in the King James Bible. 66. Total Chapters in the King James Bible.

  10. Bible Facts and Statistics - Amazing Bible Timeline with ...

    Amazing Bible Facts And Statistics ... they were total ... we would or could then say that we added words to the Bible but we must remember all the Hebrew Greek ...

  11. Of the 783,137 total words in the KJV Bible, how many are ...

    On the internet, I have found that the whole King James Bible in English has 783,137 total words. Other references state a few more, maybe up to 791,000 or so.