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  2. How many chapters, verses, and words are in the Bible ...

    The number of chapters, verses and words in the Old Testament, New Testament and entire Bible depends upon the Bible translation. Each Bible will have a different number as the translators try to accurately communicate the sense of the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, but the differences should be small.

  3. How Many Words Are There in the Bible? – Word Counter Blog

    When it comes to calculating the number of words in the Bible, it’s not as straightforward as it might first appear. The problem is there are hundreds of different translations of the Bible, and each one has a different number of words, so the answer depends on which bible you’re actually referring to.

  4. list of all words in the Bible (King James Version), with pointers to the places of occurence

  5. This Is How Many Words Are Spoken By Women In The Bible

    These women speak a total of 14,056 words collectively -- roughly 1.1 percent of the total words in the holy book. These are the findings of the Rev. Lindsay Hardin Freeman, an Episcopal priest who three years ago embarked on an unprecedented project: to count all the words spoken by women in the Bible.

  6. Center of the Bible - Chapter Verse Word Count

    CENTER WORD ANALYSIS : There are 782,222 total words in the KJV Bible (English). 1: 782222: X .5 = 391111 : Total Words Through Job: 370205 words: Total Words Through Psalms: 413948 words: There is not one middle word, because the word count is even. The 391111th word and the 391112th word obviously fall after Job, in Psalms.

  7. Number of words in the Bible - A Knowledge Archive

    Not too many people know that there are 774,746 total words in the holy book called The Bible. The main idea is that the Old Testament has 593,493 words and the New Testament has 181,253 words. It is important to know that the Bible contains 66 books, divided among the Old and New Testaments.

  8. King James Bible Statistics -

    King James Bible Statistics. ... Total words on the cover - 2 (HOLY BIBLE) Total words in the Book Titles - 85 (the full titles as written in the 1611 edition - 374)

  9. What is the exact amount of words in the bible -

    It is impossible to say because even copies of the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures vary very slightly in the number of words.

  10. How long are the books of the Bible? (Word count chart)

    The Bible is more than 600,000 words long in its original languages—but how long are the 66 individual books of the Bible?

  11. How many words are in the Bible? |

    The number of words in the Bible varies according to the version. For example, the King James version has 805,649 words and the NIV version has 741,065...

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