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  2. Why Our Bible Is Changed - The Bible View

    They change the wording so the Word of God will not convict or bother them. Those that are bothered by what the Bible teaches about homosexuality, drinking, history, Christ’s virgin birth, the trinity, Christ’s return, telling others about Christ, corruption of the Word of God, that God is male, and hundreds of other teachings, have created their versions that alter it the way they would like it read.

  3. Why They Changed the Bible - by David W. Daniels

    Why would they make a change like that to the clearly understood, literal words of God? The translators lived in a Muslim culture. They had some serious issues to face when it comes to the name of God.

  4. "Has the Bible Been Changed?" -

    Muslims believe the Qur'an was revealed to them by God without error, and that it has not been changed over time by humans. It has been protected by God for the preserving and spreading of the Muslim faith throughout the future.

  5. Who changed the Bible and why? Bart Ehrman’s startling ...

    How often do we hear people explaining religious beliefs by stating The Bible says so, as if the Bible fell out of the sky, pre-translated to English by ...

  6. Why was the first bible changed? - Quora

    Many scriptures that circulated did not end up in what Christians call the bible today (and that “Bible” is not even the same for all Christians. There were multiple moments in history where church authorities decided on the collection of books that had to be considered scripture.

  7. How We Know that the Bible Has Not Been Changed

    There is a theory in the world today that the Bible has been changed over the thousands of years since it was originally written to the point that we cannot know what was originally written. This is a popular theory among the Muslim community, Catholics, and others. The basic idea is shown in the chart to the right.

  8. "The Bible Has Been Changed and Corrupted Over Time"

    Answers the charge, 'You can't trust the Bible--it's been changed and corrupted over time'

  9. Why did some people's name change in the Bible?

    Why did some people's name change in the Bible? Did God sometimes give a person a new name to give him/her a new identity? Were there cultural reasons for any of the ...

  10. Has the King James Bible been changed, between 1611 and ...

    There have only been two modifications of the King James Bible. Find out what they are.

  11. Why does the Bible change? | Yahoo Answers

    I'll try to put this in the nicest way possible so I won't offend Christians :) MY QUESTION IS: Why does the Bible change? and since the Bible ...