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  2. A Harlot's Progress - Wikipedia's_Progress

    A Harlot's Progress (also known as The Harlot's Progress) is a series of six paintings (1731, now destroyed)[1] and engravings (1732)[2] by the English artist William Hogarth. The series shows the story of a young woman, M. (Moll or Mary) Hackabout, who arrives in London from the country and becomes a prostitute.

  3. Hogarth: Hogarth's Modern Moral Series. A Harlot's Progress

    Hogarth: Hogarth's Modern Moral Series. A Harlot's Progress A Harlot’s Progress burst onto the London scene just after an official crackdown on prostitution had begun, focused specifically on Covent Garden.

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  4. William Hogarth (1697-1764) - A Harlots Progress

    Six prints, forming the set 'A Harlot's Progress. The six prints telling the cautionary story of Moll Hackabout, a harlot, were published in April 1732, the first of Hogarth’s ‘Modern Moral Subjects’.

  5. "A Harlot's Progress" William Hogarth original print Harlot's Progress.htm

    A Harlot's Progress tells the story of the fall and speedy destruction of a girl who comes from the country to London to earn a livelihood. The work is primarily ...

  6. A Harlot's Progress by William Hogarth

    Learn more about A Harlot's Progress by famous British artist, William Hogarth, in this extensive art history website.

  7. William Hogarth's A Harlot's Progress: the Beginnings of a ...

    90 STIC_1.1_Bartual_083-106.indd 90 3/26/10 1:40:08 PM William Hogarth’s A Harlot’s Progress Figure 4: Hogarth, W. (1732), A Harlot’s Progress, Plate 4, London.

  8. Exhibition | William Hogarth: A Harlot’s Progress and ...

    William Hogarth, A Harlot's Progress, Plate 6, 1732, 364 × 440 mm (Copenhagen: SMK – The National Gallery of Denmark) Press release (22 ...

  9. Hogarth, Harlot's Progress - British Library

    William Hogarth, The Harlot's Progress 1733. Explore this item in our Flash timeline . ... This image is from Hogarth's famous series of prints the Harlot's Progress, ...

  10. British Museum - A Harlot's Progress, Plate 1 / A Harlot's ...

    Collection online. A Harlot's Progress, Plate 1 / A Harlot's Progress. ... Print made by: William Hogarth; School/style. British; Date. 1732;

  11. William Hogarth - Wikipedia,_William

    William Hogarth FRSA (/ ... whilst he is played by Toby Jones in the 2006 television film A Harlot's Progress. Hogarth's House in Chiswick, west London, ...