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  2. Changes in the King James Version - Bible Research by ...

    In 1769 the Oxford University Press published an edition of the King James version in which many small changes were made. These changes were of five kinds: 1. Greater and more regular use of italics; 2. minor changes in the text; 3. the adoption of modern spelling; 4. changes in the marginal notes and references; and, 5. correction of printers' errors.

  3. Examples of Changes in Different Bible Versions

    Word counts of some modern versions. Just the fact that there are different amounts of words in the modern versions should make one suspicious of their content. The King James Bible: 783,137* words New King James Bible: 770,430* words The New International Bible (NIV): 727, 969* (another source counts: 726,109 ).

  4. How to Change Yourself: The Bible Plan for Self-improvement

    Bible guidelines for changing yourself and improving your life and habits. God's word gives guidance for self-help and motivation for self-improvement

  5. The Bible says in several places not to add to his words, how can this be true when other books were added afterwards? What it means is that one is not to add their ...

  6. The DEFINED King James Bible: Definitions For Change ...

    The DEFINED King James Bible introduces error and obscures biblical teachings and warnings by means of false/out of context definitions of common words.

  7. CHANGE - Definition from the KJV Dictionary

    For a complete Scripture study system, try SwordSearcher Bible Software, which includes the unabridged version of this dictionary. ... KJV Dictionary Definition: change

  8. Part 1: The Word that Changed the World - The Origin of ...

    The Origin of the Word "church" (updated) By Andy Zoppelt. Part 1: The Word that Changed the World . Language and its use of words is vital, it is the fundamental means in which we use to conveying and pass information from one person to another. The changing of one word can literally change the world.

  9. Believers Beware of Counterfeit King James Bibles

    Believers Beware of Counterfeit King James Bibles. ... This word is only in the King James Bible ... One thing a lot of them do is change the spelling of words ...

  10. The Bible: So Misunderstood It's a Sin - Newsweek

    The word Sunday does not appear in the Bible, either as the Sabbath or anything else. But four years before Nicaea, Constantine declared Sunday as a day of rest in honor of the sun god. At Nicaea, rules were adopted regarding the proper positions for prayer on Sundays—standing, not kneeling; nothing was said of the Jewish Sabbath or Saturday.

  11. Is Our Copy of the Bible a Reliable Copy of the Original?

    Is Our Copy of the Bible a Reliable Copy of the Original? ... Most of the discrepancies are in spelling and word order. A few words have been changed or added.