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  2. Airzooka - Read expert reviews at

    Launch a full air assault without ever leaving the ground with the 'Airzooka air gun'. Airzooka is a hand held fun gun that fires a ball of air up to 50 feet.

  3. Airzooka Color Changing - Zero Toys

    Blasts a Harmless Ball of Air up to 20 Feet! Launch a Full Air Assault. Shoot air at all of your enemies when you have the Color Changing Airzooka. Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up a person's hair.

  4. Airzooka Black - Airzooka - Touch of Modern

    Mess up someone's hair, ruffle their shirt, or blow papers off a desk from a distance. Requiring no batteries or electricity, AirZooka operates by simply pulling and ...

  5. airzooka | eBay

    Find great deals on eBay for airzooka and air bazooka. Shop with confidence.

  6. Airzooka Air Cannon - Science Bob Store

    Whether you're exploring air, vortexes, sound waves, or you just want to have fun blasting a puff of air over 20 feet, you'll have have plenty of good times with an Airzooka Air Blaster.

  7. Airzooka - Youth DownloadsYouth Downloads

    It’s a bucket with a stretchy bag that shoots tiny pockets of air up to 30ft! Only $25 on Amazon!. So many possible games with these! The game I’m playing below is like fruit ninja. 10 points for knocking off white cups. -25 for knocking off the cup with the Red X.

  8. Air Zooka (Colours May Vary): Toys & Games

    Product Description. The Airzooka is essentially an air cannon which can fire blasts of air up to 20 feet much the same way as you would use a catapult.except the Airzooka never runs out of ammo!!

  9. Can You Imagine Green Airzooka Air Shooter - Sears

    Can You Imagine Green Airzooka Air ShooterDestined to become a classic, Airzooka is a unique hand-held device that, when operated, blows a harmless...

  10. Laser Airzooka Air Cannon at Incredible Science

    Blow 'em away with the Laser Airzooka. Lock onto your target with the red laser and then BAM! Blast them away with an accurate huge ball of air that will blow them away!

  11. Airzooka | Online Toys Australia

    Airzooka will literally blow you away! Blast a harmless ball of air up to to 20 feet (7 meters). Ammo (air) is unlimited and so is the fun. Great gift idea for children 6 years and over.