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  2. Review: Airzooka - Dan's Data

    Airzooka Review date: 22 September 2003. Last modified 15-Jul-2015.. Toys that shoot something are cool. Toys that shoot something hard enough to cause real havoc are cooler.

  3. Build a mini air cannon! This is one of the 48 projects for our Instructables: Made In Your Mind (IMIYM) exhibition at the Children's Museum of Houston...

  4. AirZooka Air Cannon Toy - Vat19!

    Overview. The AirZooka is a very cool toy that shoots a harmless blast of air up to 40 feet. That's according to the manufacturer. To us, the AirZooka is the latest development in the surface-to-air air-cannon arms race.

  5. AIRZOOKA Toy Air Gun -

    Buy AIRZOOKA Toy Air Gun at

  6. Airzooka Air Gun | ThinkGeek

    ThinkGeek Customer Action Shot forAirzooka Air Gun. You can browse and even save your cart, but you'll need to use another browser or a different device to place your order.

  7. Airzooka | FIREBOX

    Blast 'em with air! You've heard of air guitar and air kisses well now prepare yourself for the astonishingly entertaining Airzooka. Physics really isn't our

  8. Airzooka - Incredible Science

    Airzooka launches a harmless yet powerful ball of air at whatever you aim it at. Free gift with EVERY order!

  9. Airzooka, Black -

    Airzooka in Black from Toysmith is a whole new way to play outside! Designed for ages 6 years and older, this toy works with air---so you never run out of ammo. Blast a shot of air up to 50 feet with a pull of the elastic tripper and watch as you blow them away---literally! Use the pop up site for a better aim or use it on it's own. No batteries required---just air!

  10. How to Make an Air-Zooka (Airzooka): 7 Steps

    Have you seen these Air-zookas at several gadget stores and wal-mart ? They are about $20 each. I am going to show you how to make one yourself for less than 10...

  11. Airzooka - Mechanics - Physics Demos - Physics - College ...

    The airzooka is fairly simple and self-explanatory. Rapid compression of a focused pocket of air creates a burst of compressed air that can be fired at distracted students to focus their attention.