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  2. Bog Garden Plants And Design Info – What Is A Bog Garden

    Nothing beats the natural appeal of a bog garden. Creating an artificial bog garden is both fun and easy. Most climates are suitable for growing bog garden plants. They can be designed in various ways based on your landscape and personal needs.

  3. 10 Plants to Grow in a Bog Garden |

    If your garden conditions aren't completely suited to the growing requirements of a particular bog plant, don't be put off. Wetter areas can be created by digging up damp soil and placing a plastic liner underneath with holes puncturing it, to retain some drainage.

  4. Bog gardens: plants for/RHS Gardening

    Bog gardens: plants for. For ground that is always damp, but not permanently waterlogged, bog plants are a good group of plants to consider. These can be planted as part of a specially built bog garden or, if you are lucky enough, in any position in the garden where these conditions are naturally present.

  5. Bog Garden Plants | Greenwood Nursery

    Bog plants can be planted in wet or damp soil that is about 1 or more feet away from standing water. For planting in standing water, visit your local aquatic store. Landscaping with a water garden creates a dramatic effect and makes a serene addition to any landscape.

  6. Create a Beautiful Bog Garden | HGTV

    Create a Beautiful Bog Garden Some fabulous plants will only grow in soil that is permanently moist, and even if you don't have a boggy area in your garden, it's quite easy to create one. Pinterest

  7. Flowering Bog Garden Plants - The Spruce

    Grow Lady's Tresses, a Hardy Orchid, in the Shady Bog Garden. Photo Frank Mayfield Although Spiranthes is rarely at nurseries, this delicate native hardy orchid is worth seeking out from responsible growers who cultivate their own plants, rather than gathering them from endangered wild populations.

  8. Bog Garden Plants - Plant Delights Nursery

    Damp soil plants range from carnivorous plants like sarracenia and bog plants like hymenocallis that need full sun to damp shade plants like hostas and heloniopsis. Remember, when you are looking to buy plants for wet soil, we hope you will check out our listing of damp soil rain garden plants below.

  9. A Bog Garden - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

    The bog garden is a haven for plants like ligularia that like wet feet; there is no standing water. Growing pitcher plants and other species native to sterile acid bogs requires a slightly different approach.

  10. Moist plants for damp garden areas for sale | Waterside

    Moist loving plants for damp areas around the pond Is your 'bog garden' moist or permanently wet? There is a difference in the amount of moisture that varieties of plants for a 'bog garden' will accept.

  11. How to grow a beautiful bog garden - Telegraph

    How to grow a beautiful bog garden Boggy areas have huge possibilities - they are great for wildlife and certain plants thrive Elegant elevation: a wooden bridge is a focal point and allows the viewing of plants from above Photo: GAP Photos/Dianna Jazwinski

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