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    Telesites : Telesites, S.A.B. de C.V., a new Mexican corporation, established by América Móvil in a Spin-off. Telesites is a holding company focused on constructing, installing, maintaining, operating and marketing, directly or through its subsidiaries, various types of towers, other support structures, physical space for the location of towers, and non-electronic components, in each case ...

  3. Telesites Cost Basis | AMX Message Board Posts

    Right now, the cost basis for the Telesites spinoff shares is shown as zero on my account, as a placeholder, but will later be adjusted to 76 cents per share. It is considered a taxable dividend, but Schwab didn't know if the dividend will be a qualified dividend, which is to be determined by the IRS. If it is not deemed a qualified dividend, it will be treated as ordinary income.

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    Older Spinoffs: 2012 Spinoffs | 2011 Spinoffs | 2010 Spinoffs | 2009 Spinoffs Older Spinoffs: 2012 Spinoffs | 2011 Spinoffs | 2010 Spinoffs | 2009 Spinoffs

  5. “América Móvil informs about the spin-off of Telesites, S ...

    an auction of the series “L” shares of AMX and Telesites on December 21, 2015, in accordance with the methodology set forth in the internal regulations of the

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    SPINOFF CALCULATOR: Click the refresh button each time you change the input data. Enter your data separately for each tax lot (i.e. purchase date):

  7. America Movil spinoff Telesites up 1.5% in debut - America ...

    Telesites, the towers-company spinoff from America Movil (AMX-0.5%), is fully separated and is up 1.5% in its market debut today in Mexico. America Movil said it would spin the firm out as one of a number of developments pressed by Mexico's telecom regulatory reform. With its spinoff complete ...

  8. - Spinoff Calculator

    Tool to calculate cost basis for stock received in a spinoff. Calculate new adjusted basis for original stock and gain/loss on cash received in lieu of fractional shares. Allocate tax basis for original shares.

  9. Telmex Spinoff - Cost Basis

    Use our handy spinoff calculator to compute your new cost basis and the gain or loss on any "cash in lieu" of fractional shares payment. Just click on the image of the spinner to the right and then select "Telmex Internacional ADR" from the drop-down menu.

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    Parent Name: Parent Ticker: Spinoff Name: Proposed Spinoff Ticker: Expected Date: More Info: IDT Corporation: IDT: Rafael (Real Estate & Pharma Assets) RFL: March 5, 2018

  11. Stock spinoff tax reporting -

    Even if you know the original cost basis and how it has changed over the years, you still need to know how much of your cost basis goes to what was spun off and how much stays wit the original.