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  2. John A. Roebling II - Wikipedia

    Donald Roebling. John Augustus Roebling II (November 21, 1867 – February 2, 1952) was an American civil engineer and philanthropist. Following his father's death, he became the largest individual shareholder in the family business, John A. Roebling's Sons.

  3. Biography of John Augustus Roebling, Man of Iron - ThoughtCo

    Updated on July 03, 2019 John Roebling (born June 12, 1806, Mühlhausen, Saxony, Germany) didn't invent the suspension bridge, yet he is well-known for building the Brooklyn Bridge. Roebling didn't invent spun wire roping, either, yet he became wealthy by patenting processes and manufacturing cables for bridges and aqueducts.

  4. John Augustus Roebling was an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur. He designed bridges, built machines and buildings, and eventually became a financial success. Specifically, he is noted for developing steel wire used in bridge construction, and is renowned for constructing the Brooklyn Bridge with his son Washington Roebling.

  5. Brooklyn Bridge | History, Construction, & Facts | Britannica

    Roebling, an engineer, had developed his own method for weaving wire cables, which became one of the leading constructional components of his bridge designs. He built a series of suspension bridges, including the Cincinnati–Covington Bridge, later renamed the John A. Roebling Bridge.

  6. Brooklyn Bridge - Length, Timeline & Facts - HISTORY

    John Augustus Roebling, the Brooklyn Bridge’s creator, was a great pioneer in the design of steel suspension bridges. Born in Germany in 1806, he studied industrial engineering in Berlin and at ...

  7. John Roebling - Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River (U ...

    John A. Roebling. John Augustus Roebling was born in Prussia on June 12 th, 1806. He attended the Royal Polytechnic Institute in Berlin, where he studied architecture, engineering, bridge construction, hydraulics, languages, and philosophy.

  8. John A. Roebling - Allegheny Portage Railroad National ...

    John A. Roebling . Public Domain. John Augustus Roebling was born in Prussia in 1806, immigrated to America at the age of 25 and settled in western Pennsylvania. In the latter part of the 1830's he worked as an engineer and surveryed different routes over the Allegheny Mountains.

  9. Obituary—Death of John A. Roebling - Scientific American

    Obituary—Death of John A. Roebling. John A. Roebling, C. E., whose fame as an engineer has made his name familiar throughout the civilized world, died at the residence of his son in Hicks street ...

  10. About — Roebling Museum

    At the core of the story we tell is the innovative engineering ideas developed by John A. Roebling, who is best known for designing the Brooklyn Bridge. His three sons, Washington, Ferdinand and Charles, built their father’s company into the world’s leading producer of wire rope with four factories and nearly 8,000 employees at its peak.

  11. $350,000 needed to repair engineer John Roebling’s workshop

    That’s why a lone volunteer is attempting to hold up local history, now tasked with raising $350,000 to save the workshop, now located in Roebling Park, where its namesake developed the famous ...