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  2. East Prussia - Polish Genealogical Society of America

    The province has sizable wooded areas, of which 353,788 hectares belong to the government and 330,598 to gminas and private owners, for a total of about 18.7% of the whole surface. The largest forests are in Jansborg powiat, the so-called puszcza jansborska, 98 km. long and 45 km. wide….

  3. Polish Genealogy Research in the Kingdom of Prussia

    Land was organized into the provinces of East Prussia, New East Prussia, West Prussia, South Prussia, the tiny province of New Silesia, and the District of Netze. In 1807, the Prussian Empire lost the land in the provinces of South Prussia and New Silesia, which were incorporated into the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw.

  4. Germanic Genealogy Society - Saxony

    The Province of Prussia was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1829-1878 created out of the provinces of East Prussia and West Prussia. The province was created in 1816 out of the following territories: The former Duchy of Magdeburg and Principality of Halberstadt, which had previously been part of the Kingdom of Westphalia from 1807 ...

  5. Map guide to German parish registers - FamilySearch

    Kingdom of Prussia, Province of East Prussia I, Regierungsbezirk Allenstein -- v. 47. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of East Prussia II, Regierungsbezirk Königsberg -- v. 48. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of East Prussia III, Regierungsbezirk Gumbinnen -- v. 49. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Pomerania I, Regierungsbezirk Köslin -- v. 50.

  6. Kaliningrad OblastKaliningrad Oblast, Russia - Atlas Obscura

    The Kaliningrad Oblast is an oblast or “state” in the Russian Federation that’s completely surrounded by Poland, Lithuania, and the Baltic sea. Thanks to the geopolitical aftermath of World ...

  7. Westphalia (Westfalen), Prussia, German Empire Genealogy

    The Province of Westphalia (German: Provinz Westfalen) was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia and eventually the Free State of Prussia from 1815 to 1946. Following the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Prussia received several territories in the Westphalian region and created the Province of Westphalia.

  8. Kaliningrad | History, Population, & Map | Britannica

    May 10, 2023, 3:48 PM ET (AP) Poland reverts to historic name for Russia's Kaliningrad Poland is reverting to using its historical name for Kaliningrad, the Russian city and administrative region that sits on its border Kaliningrad, Russia Kaliningrad, oblast (region), extreme western Russia.

  9. Kaliningrad Oblast - Wikitravel

    The Kaliningrad Oblast is the northern part of historic East Prussia (German: Ostpreussen ), as the southern part is roughly the Warmia-Masuria region of Poland. Since 1945, it has been part of Russia. The land’s old name come from the Baltic tribes of Prussians (in English often reffered as Old Prussians ), closely related to modern-day ...

  10. Re: Mehlauken, East Prussia, P -

    Re: Mehlauken, East Prussia, Prussia, Germany. Alona, Mehlauken is nowhere near Berlin.Mehlauken is located in what was until 1945 the Prussian province of East Prussia, the capital of which was the city of Königsberg. EAST PRUSSIA (in German: OSTPREUSSEN) was until 1945 a province of the state of PRUSSIA (in German: PREUSSEN).It was Prussia's ...

  11. East Prussia – Ostpreußen – ManyRoads

    East Prussian areas (labeled Prussia) are located at the center top right side of this map. In the 15th century the Teutonic lands were taken over by the Polish King, following his wars with the Order, and were renamed Royal Prussia. The Teutonic Order kept the eastern parts of Prussia as vassal lands of Poland.