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  2. Afonso IV of Portugal - Wikipedia

    Afonso IV of Portugal. Afonso IV [a] ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]; 8 February 1291 – 28 May 1357), called the Brave (Portuguese: o Bravo ), was King of Portugal from 1325 until his death in 1357. He was the only legitimate son of King Denis of Portugal and Elizabeth of Aragon .

  3. Afonso IV | king of Portugal | Britannica

    Afonso IV, byname Afonso The Brave, Portuguese Afonso O Bravo, (born Feb. 8, 1291, Lisbon—died May 28, 1357, Lisbon), seventh king of Portugal (1325–57). Afonso IV was the son of King Dinis and of Isabella, daughter of Peter II of Aragon.

  4. When Afonso IV became king in 1325, Afonso Sanches was exiled to Castile.In 1309, Afonso IV married princess Beatrice, daughter of king Sancho IV of Castile by his wife Maria de Molina. The first-born of this union, princess Maria of Portugal, married king Alfonso XI of Castile in 1328, at the same time that the Portuguese heir, Pedro (I), was ...

  5. House of Braganza - Wikipedia

    The Braganzas came to rule the Kingdom of Portugal and the Algarves after successfully deposing the Philippine Dynasty in the Restoration War, resulting in the Duke of Braganza becoming King John IV of Portugal, in 1640.

  6. How To Visit The Monastery Of Alcobaça In 2023 • Daniela ...

    After years of conflict with his son, King Afonso IV ordered three of his royal advisers to assassinate D. Inês de Castro in 1355! Royal Pantheon Did you know that the Monastery of Alcobaça was the second royal pantheon to be established in Portugal, after the Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra?

  7. Portugal country profile - BBC News

    18 May Portugal, a country with a rich history of seafaring and discovery, looks out from the Iberian peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean. When it handed over its last overseas territory, Macau, to...

  8. Portuguese Navy - Wikipedia

    The first historically known battle involving Portuguese naval forces happened in 1180, during the reign of Portugal's first king, Afonso I. The battle occurred off Cape Espichel, with a Portuguese naval squadron, commanded by the knight Fuas Roupinho, defeating a Muslim naval squadron.

  9. LA BATALLA DEL SALADO 1340 - On Military Matters

    The Battle of Rio Salado, also known as the Battle of Tarifa (30 October 1340) was a battle of the armies of King Afonso IV of Portugal and King Alfonso XI of Castile against those of sultan Abu al-Hasan Ali of Morocco and Yusuf I of Granada. After his defeat at the Battle of Teba in 1330, Mohamed IV of Granada sent to Abu Hasan for help in ...

  10. King John IV of Portugal - Social Studies for Kids

    The Portuguese war was still raging when King John IV died, on Nov. 6, 1656. Succeeding him was his son, Afonso VI. John had married Luisa de Guzmán in 1633, and they had had seven children, five of whom survived into adulthood: Teodósio (1634), Joana (1635), Catherine (1638), Afonso (1643), and Peter (1648).

  11. John VI | king of Portugal | Britannica

    John VI, (born May 13, 1767, Lisbon, Portugal—died March 10, 1826, Lisbon), prince regent of Portugal from 1799 to 1816 and king from 1816 to 1826, whose reign saw the revolutionary struggle in France, the Napoleonic invasion of Portugal (during which he established his court in Brazil ), and the implantation of representative government in ...