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  2. Ahuizotl ( /æwiˈzoʊtəl/ a-wee-ZOH-tuhl) is a male character who first appears in the Daring Do book series in the episode Read It and Weep, physically appears in Daring Don't and Daring Doubt, and also appears in the chapter book Daring Do and the Eternal Flower and the IDW comics. He is the archenemy of the book series' main character and writer Daring Do. Ahuizotl has an elongated dog ...

  3. The Aztec Empire | History Cooperative

    To begin, Ahuitzotl — upon assuming the role of tlatoani — changed his title to huehueytlaotani, which translates to “Supreme King” (Smith, 1984). This was a symbol of the consolidation of power that had left the Mexica as the primary power in the Triple Alliance; it had been a development since the beginning of the cooperation, but as ...

  4. Emperor Montezuma Before the Spanish Arrived - ThoughtCo

    In 1502, Montezuma's uncle Ahuitzotl, who had served as emperor since 1486, died. He left an organized, massive Empire which stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific and covered most of present-day Central Mexico. Ahuitzotl had roughly doubled the area controlled by the Aztecs, launching conquests to the north, northeast, west and south.

  5. The 20,000 human sacrifices carried out at the ... - Reddit

    Ahuitzotl's would be the sixth and penultimate version, and the grandest yet. It was on this occasion that the 20K (or whatever number) captives were said to have been sacrificed. And while a few neighboring rulers did again decline to attend, most did not. Ahuitzotl had re-established the Aztecs as the supreme power in Mesoamerica.

  6. Aztec Warrior Wolf - Archaeology Magazine

    The offering was buried during the reign of Ahuitzotl (1486–1502), a time of war and great imperial expansion for the Aztecs. Skull Cult at Göbekli Tepe. Sanliurfa, Turkey.

  7. Login - Fimfiction

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  8. Water-Dog Detective

    In Aztec lore, the ahuitzotl was a dangerous water-dwelling creature associated with the rain god Tlaloc, believed to kill people who ventured near its watery home. But the spectral ahuitzotl could bestow benefits too – Aztec people threw their fingernail clippings into water as an offering to the ahuitzotl, based on the belief that in doing so, the ahuitzotl would make their nails grow out ...

  9. Ahuitzotl - Enciclopedia de la Historia del Mundo

    Ahuitzotl ( pron. A-weet'-zot) fue el tercer hijo del rey mexica Motecuhzoma I Ilhuicamina (r. 1440 - 1469 EC). Su nombre, que resultaría ser bastante apropiado, estaba asociado con una nutria hiperagresiva que vivía en el fondo de un lago y se alimentaba sin piedad de cualquier creatura que se acercara a las orillas del lago.

  10. Sacrificed Animals Dressed as Warriors Point to Tomb of Aztec ...

    A strange bulge found at the bottom of one of the boxes of treasure has lead researchers to conclude that they have finally identified the lost royal tomb of emperor Ahuitzotl, an Aztec king who ruled from 1486 AD to 1502 AD. The treasure trove was unearthed near the Templo Mayor in Mexico City. ( javarman / Adobe Stock)

  11. Monumento a los Indios Verdes - Wikipedia

    Statues of Tlatoque ( Nahuatl for Aztec rulers) Ahuitzotl and Itzcoatl are installed in Mexico City. They are collectively known as the Monumento a los Indios Verdes ( lit. transl. "Monument to the Green Indians "). The statues are verdigris due to the effects of weather. They are around 3 meters (9.8 ft) to 4 meters (13 ft) tall and their ...

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