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  2. Ahuitzotl - Wikipedia

    Ahuitzotl (Nahuatl languages: āhuitzotl, Nahuatl pronunciation: [aːˈwit͡sot͡ɬ] ) was the eighth Aztec ruler, the Huey Tlatoani of the city of Tenochtitlan, son of princess Atotoztli II. His name literally means "Water Thorny" and was also applied to the otter.

  3. Ahuitzotl | Biography, Reign, & Facts | Britannica

    Ahuitzotl, (died 1502, Tenochtitlán [Mexico]), eighth king of the Aztecs, under whose reign (1486–1502) the Aztec empire reached its greatest extent. The aggressive Ahuitzotl succeeded his brother, Tizoc, to the throne.

  4. Ahuitzotl - World History Encyclopedia

    Ahuitzotl (Auitzotl) was an Aztec ruler who reigned between 1486 and 1502 CE. He was one of the greatest generals of the ancient Americas and he left to his nephew, Montezuma, an enlarged and consolidated empire which had been ruthlessly terrorised into submissive acceptance of Aztec rule. With huge building projects and victories celebrated by ...

  5. Ahuizotl (mythology) - Wikipedia

    Region. Lake Texcoco [1] The ahuizotl (from the Classical Nahuatl: āhuitzotl for "spiny aquatic thing", a.k.a. "water dog") is a legendary creature in Aztec mythology. [2] It is said to lure people to their deaths. [3] The creature was taken as a mascot by the ruler of the same name, and was said to be a "friend of the rain gods". [4]

  6. Ahuitzotl: Powerful Ruler in the Aztec Golden Age

    Ahuitzotl was a tlatoani (meaning ‘speaker’) of the city of Tenochtitlan, and the eighth ruler of the Aztec Empire. This emperor reigned from 1486 AD to 1502 AD, a period which is regarded by some modern historians as the Aztec Golden Age.

  7. Aztec Empire | Key People | Britannica

    Ahuitzotl is most known for conducting the largest human sacrifice in Aztec history, in which as many as 20,000 prisoners of war were killed. Ahuitzotl died in an accident while trying to escape a flood that had devastated Tenochtitlán in 1503.

  8. The Ahuizotl - Mexicolore

    The Origin of the Ahuízotl, or Thorny One of the Water’s, Name. In Náhuatl, the word Ahuízotl can be broken down into three roots. According to the historian, Father Ángel María Garibay, they were the following:-. A.HUIZ.OTL. A = Atl = Water: the ahuízotl was a water dweller.

  9. Montezuma - World History Encyclopedia

    Motecuhzoma was the son of the great leader Axayacatl (r. 1469-1481 CE) and was one of the best warriors under his uncle Ahuitzotl (r. 1486-1502 CE). In particular, he distinguished himself in the Aztec campaigns in Tehuantepec and Xoconochco.

  10. Ahuitzotl: A Novel of Aztec Mexico Paperback -

    Ahuitzotl: A Novel of Aztec Mexico. Paperback – October 2, 2019. Arrogant pride and an impassioned love of a woman bring to ruin the mightiest of Aztec warrior-kings, Ahuitzotl. He embarks on conquests that make him the undisputed master of his world.

  11. Ahuitzotl – the Mysterious Creature of the Lake – Pre ...

    30 April 2018. The legendary animal that reportedly haunted many fishermen’s sleep back in the 15th century Central Mexico, ahuizotl was widely known around the great Lake Texcoco and among towns and altepetl s surrounding it; widely known and greatly feared. Described as a lethal creature with spiky fur, pointy ears, slick body, and black ...