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  2. Alexandra Kollontai's parents were not unique in banning their daughter from attending them. As early as the 1870s 12% of active revolutionaries were women and they featured in the two major trials of the period, the trial of the 50, of which 16 were women, and the trial of the 193 of whom 38 were women.

  3. The 25 Most Influential Communist Figures of All Time

    Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952) was a Russian revolutionary, diplomat, and prominent figure in the socialist and feminist movements of the early 20th century. She was a fervent advocate for women’s rights, social reform, and workers’ liberation.

  4. Return to the Goddess: Feminism and Pagan Revival in the 21st ...

    In 1917, Bolshevik feminist Alexandra Kollontai became the first Commissar for Social Welfare under Lenin. She was responsible for making Soviet Russia the first European country to legalize abortion in 1920 [10]. It was Kollontai’s idea to destroy marriage as a Holy Sacrament of the Church and make it a flimsy legal agreement.

  5. El periodista enamorado... de su profesión

    No resulta extraño, por todo ello, que, en La bolchevique enamorada, Alexandra Kollontai escriba: "Cuando Vassilissa se encontraba en la calle un destacamento que marchaba hacía el frente ...

  6. Ion Antonescu - Wikipedia

    Ion Antonescu - Wikipedia. [i'on antoˈnesku]; 14 June [ 2 June] 1882 – 1 June 1946) was a who presided over two successive wartime dictatorships during most of World War II. Having been responsible for facilitating the Holocaust in Romania, he was tried for war crimes and executed in 1946. Romanian Army career officer who made his name ...

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  7. (BPT) - Alexandra, a resilient single woman of color, defied societal norms and faced family stigma when she decided to seek fertility assistance through CCRM Fertility to have her first child. Confronted with the deeply ingrained misconception that "Black women don't ask for fertility help," she courageously chose to navigate a path that many ...

  8. Críticas de libros: En la cuneta de la historia, La ...

    EL CIRUJANO Y EL PASTOR. RESISTENCIA AL NAZISMO EN LA SELVA DE IRATI Autora: Meg Ostrum. Editorial: Katakrak Liburuak, 2023. Páginas: 296. Amor y revolución La única novela de la política y...

  9. Socialisme au Mexique : quel héritage dans la société ...

    [7] Alexandra Kollontaï (1872 - 1952) fue una mujer politica soviética, socialista, comunista, marxista y militante feminista. [8] Victor Serge (1890 - 1947) fue un escritor marxista. [9] Sistema de noticias de la Universidad Veracruzana. [10] Presidente de México desde 2018.

  10. Rosa Luxemburg - Wikipedia

    21st-century communist theorists Róża Luksemburg [ˈruʐa ˈluksɛmburk] [ˈʁoːza ˈlʊksm̩bʊʁk] Rozalia Luksenburg; 5 March 1871 – 15 January 1919) was a Polish and naturalised-German orthodox Marxist. She became a key figure of the revolutionary socialist movements of Poland and Germany during the late 19th and early 20th century.

  11. OOO "TDK": owners, founders, management, details (TIN 7813581940)

    OOO "TDK" is registered at 193231, Saint Petersburg, ul. Kollontai, 19 k. 4 liter a, kv. 2. (show on a map) Before 10/01/2019 the organization was located at . No other organizations are listed at the current registered address.

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