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  2. Chronology of the later Crusades through 1400 - Wikipedia

    28 October. Forces of Alfonso XI of Castile defeat those of Marinid sultan Abu al-Hasan 'Ali at the Battle of Vega de Pagana. The conflict is extended to 1340 at Rio Salado near Tarifa. 1340. 30 October. Afonso IV of Portugal and Alfonso XI of Castile defeat Abu al-Hasan 'Ali and Yusuf I of Granada at the Battle of Rio Salado.

  3. The English chess supporters were Kings Richard I, Henry II, and Henry I. Tsar Ivan IV of Russia and King Alfonso X of Castile attained a comparable standing. In 1061, Saint Peter Damian condemned the Florence bishop for playing chess despite being aware of its detrimental consequences on society.

  4. Reconquista - Wikipedia

    King Alfonso began a series of campaigns to establish control over all the lands north of the Douro river. He reorganised his territories into the major duchies (Galicia and Portugal) and major counties (Saldaña and Castile), and fortified the borders with many castles.

  5. Emirate of Granada - Wikipedia

    Establishment Since the mid 12th century, the Muslim-controlled part of the Iberian Peninsula, known as al-Andalus, was ruled by the Almohad Caliphate, a Muslim empire based in what is now Morocco.

  6. Alfonso VIII of Castile - Oxford Reference

    (c. 1155–1214),king of Castile (1158–1214). Alfonso VIII inherited the throne of Castile at the age of two from his father, Sancho III (r. 1157–1158). Sancho’s premature death left his ...

  7. Edward I of England - Wikipedia

    They were married on 1 November 1254 in the Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas in Castile. As part of the marriage agreement, Alfonso X gave up his claims to Gascony, and Edward received grants of land worth 15,000 marks a year.

  8. Seville - Wikipedia

    Legend states that the title was given by King Alfonso X, who was resident in the city's Alcázar and supported by the citizens when his son, later Sancho IV of Castile, tried to usurp the throne from him.

  9. Law and punishment | Forbidden Desire in ... - Oxford Academic

    In the major collection of laws gathered under Alfonso X and known as the Siete Partidas (1256–65), castration was to be followed by death by stoning. And here the imprint of the new theological thinking about this sin was clearly visible in the text of the law, which referred to the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, and condemned sodomy as ...

  10. Bankruptcy | Definition, History, Examples, & Facts ...

    The Siete Partidas, a codification published by authority of Don Alfonso X the Wise, king of Castile and León, during the second half of the 13th century, contained detailed provisions relating to insolvent debtors, applicable to merchants and nonmerchants alike, enabling them to secure a voluntary liquidation of their assets under judicial ...

  11. Isabella I of Castile - Wikipedia

    Isabella's younger brother Alfonso of Castile was born two years later on 17 November 1453, demoting her position to third in line. When her father died in 1454, her half-brother ascended to the throne as King Henry IV of Castile. Isabella and her brother Alfonso were left in King Henry's care.