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  2. Kingdom of Castile - Wikipedia

    Alfonso tried unsuccessfully to conquer Urraca's lands, before he repudiated her in 1114. Urraca also had to contend with attempts by her son from her first marriage, the king of Galicia, to assert his rights. When Urraca died, this son became king of León and Castile as Alfonso VII. During his reign, Alfonso VII managed to annex parts of the ...

  3. Sancho I of Portugal - Wikipedia

    Sancho I of Portugal (Portuguese pronunciation: ), nicknamed "the Populator" (Portuguese: "o Povoador"), King of Portugal (Coimbra, 11 November 1154 – 26 March 1211) was the second but only surviving legitimate son and fifth child of Afonso I of Portugal by his wife, Maud of Savoy.

  4. Castilla-La Mancha - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Castilla-La Mancha es una comunidad autónoma de España, de acuerdo con su Estatuto de Autonomía y la Constitución española.Está formada por 919 municipios que integran las provincias de Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara y Toledo.

  5. Orders, decorations, and medals of Spain - Wikipedia,_decorations,_and...

    As with Alfonso of Aragon and Navarre, when in 1122 he founded the confraternity of Belchite, or Alfonso VIII of Castile and Alfonso IX of León, who offered possessions to the orders of Santiago and Calatrava, respectively, lure it to their kingdoms. Although the royal donations for the most part were constituted by territories, to make them ...

  6. Henry III of Castile - Wikipedia

    Henry III of Castile (4 October 1379 – 25 December 1406), called the Suffering due to ill health (Spanish: Enrique el Doliente, Galician: Henrique o Doente), was the son of John I and Eleanor of Aragon.

  7. Catherine of Lancaster - Wikipedia

    Maria of Castile (1401–1458), who married Alfonso V "the Magnanimous", King of Aragon and Naples, without issue Catherine of Castile (1403/1406–1439), who wed as his first wife in 1420 Henry of Aragon , 4th Count of Alburquerque, 32nd Count of Ampurias and 35th Master of the Order of Santiago (1400- Calatayud , 1445), without issue

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  9. Slavery in medieval Europe - Wikipedia

    For example, in a raid on Lisbon in 1189 the Almohad caliph Yaqub al-Mansur took 3,000 female and child captives, and his governor of Córdoba took 3,000 Christian slaves in a subsequent attack upon Silves in 1191; an offensive by Alfonso VIII of Castile in 1182 brought him over two-thousand Muslim slaves.

  10. Kingdom of Galicia - Wikipedia

    Henry, illegitimate son of Alfonso XI of Castile and half-brother of Peter, took advantage of the dissatisfaction among the noblemen to launch a war against Peter, with the support of Peter IV of Aragon, with whom Peter I was already at war, and along companies of mercenaries such as that commanded by Bertrand du Guesclin.

  11. Juan I de Castilla - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Así quedaron unidas las dos ramas sucesorias de Alfonso XI e instaurado el título de Príncipe de Asturias, que siempre ostentará el heredero de la corona de Castilla y luego de España. Enrique, hijo de Juan I, fue el primer príncipe en poseer este título, junto con las rentas inherentes, pues el territorio asturiano les pertenecía como ...