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  2. November 13: Today in Royal History | Unofficial Royalty

    November 13, 1801 – Birth of Amalie Auguste of Bavaria, Queen of Saxony, wife of King Johann of Saxony, in Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria, now in Bavaria, Germany Amalie Auguste was the daughter of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife Princess Caroline of Baden.

  3. House of Wittelsbach - Wikipedia

    (June 2020) Coat of arms (13th to 14th century). The white-and-blue lozenges came to the family when Otto II Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria acquired the county of Bogen in 1240 Coat of arms (15th century), the Wittelsbach (Bogen) lozenges quartered with the lion of the Palatinate. Bavarian Royalty House of Wittelsbach Maximilian I Joseph Children

  4. Maria Amalie of Austria, Holy Roman Empress, Electress of Bavaria

    On October 5, 1722, Marie Amalie married Karl of Bavaria, son of Maximilian II Emanuel, Prince-Elector of Bavaria and his second wife Teresa Kunegunda Sobieska. Two of Maria Amalie and Karl’s children, Karl’s successor Maximilian III Joseph, Elector of Bavaria and Joseph Ludwig; Credit – Wikipedia

  5. House of Hohenzollern - Wikipedia

    The dynasty was first mentioned in 1061. According to the medieval chronicler Berthold of Reichenau, Burkhard I, Count of Zollern ( de Zolorin) was born before 1025 and died in 1061. [7] In 1095, Count Adalbert of Zollern founded the Benedictine monastery of Alpirsbach, situated in the Black Forest .

  6. Alexandra Amalie was the fifth and youngest daughter of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and his wife, Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Her eldest brother was Maximilian II, another the later Prince Regent Luitpold. She was particularly attached to her mother and after her death tried “to be pleasant and useful to her father”.

  7. Burial sites of European monarchs and consorts - Wikipedia

    Amalie Auguste of Bavaria: 1801–1877 King's Crypt in the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden King Albert I: 1828–1902 New Crypt in the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden Carola of Vasa: 1833–1907 New Crypt in the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden King George I: 1832–1904 New Crypt in the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden Maria Anna of Portugal ...

  8. Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen - Timenote

    Therese Charlotte Luise of Saxony-Hildburghausen ( Therese of Bavaria; 8 July 1792 – 26 October 1854) was a queen consort of Bavaria as the wife of Ludwig I, King of Bavaria. Biography

  9. Princess Ludovika of Bavaria - Wikipedia - Al-Quds University

    Princess Ludovika of Bavaria (Marie Ludovika Wilhelmine; Mary Louise Wilhelmina; 30 August 1808 – 25 January 1892) was the sixth child of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife, Karoline of Baden, and the mother of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She was born and died in Munich . Marie Ludovika Wilhelmine was born to King ...

  10. Amalie Auguste von Bayern - Geneee

    Amalie Auguste von Bayern Königin von Sachsen Geboren am 13. November 1801 - München (DE) Gestorben am 8. November 1877 - Dresden (DE) 75 Jahre alt 9 Kinder 13 Enkelkinder Ehen und Kinder Verheiratet am 21. November 1822 mit Johannes von Sachsen, König von Sachsen, geboren am 12. Dezember 1801, gestorben am 29. Oktober 1873, 71 Jahre alt mit

  11. Archduchess Elisabeth Amalie of Austria - Timenote

    Archduchess Elisabeth Amalie of Austria (7 July 1878 – 13 March 1960) was a daughter of Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria and his third wife Infanta Maria Theresa of Portugal. She was the mother of Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein, and the paternal grandmother of Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein.