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  2. Andy Hertzfeld - Wikipedia

    Andy Hertzfeld is an American software engineer and innovator who co-created the original Macintosh computer with Steve Jobs and other Apple employees. He also co-founded three companies, worked at Google, and wrote a book about the Macintosh development process. Learn more about his career, personal life, and portrayals.

  3. Andy Hertzfeld: Steve Jobs movie is 'almost nothing' like reality

    Andy Hertzfeld (center) at an original Apple Computer Users Group meeting in the 80s. Photo: Tony Wills. Next to Steve Jobs, Andy Hertzfeld is the name I most associate with the original...

  4. Andy Hertzfeld: I was initially contacted by the producer of the movie, Scott Rudin, in September 2012, asking me if I’d be willing to meet with Aaron Sorkin to discuss my experience working ...

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  5. Andy Hertzfeld | Apple Wiki | Fandom

    Andy Hertzfeld (born April 6, 1953) was a key member of the original Apple Macintosh development team, and some would consider him a pioneer among software engineers. From the early days of Apple Computer through the design, development and promotion of open source software with the Open Source...

  6. Andy Hertzfeld - The Original Macintosh Hertzfeld

    Andy Hertzfeld: (95) Andy started at Apple in August 1979 as Apple employee #435. He was one of the main authors of the Macintosh system software working on the core operating system and the User Interface toolbox, as well as most of the original desk accessories. He later went on to co-found three companies: Radius (1986), General Magic (1990 ...

  7. Andy Hertzfeld, original Mac hardware leadIt was a project "full of ups and downs," remembers Hertzfeld, pointing out that the Mac was an unpopular project among employees in the Apple II and...

  8. Revolution in the Valley - Wikipedia

    Revolution in the Valley: The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac Was Made is a nonfiction book written by Andy Hertzfeld about the birth of the Apple Macintosh personal computer. The author was a core member of the team that built the Macintosh system software and the chief creator of the Mac's radical new user interface software. [1]

  9. General Magic: Oral History of the Influential Tech Company

    Andy Hertzfeld is one of the software wizards behind the original Macintosh and that project’s unofficial historian. After the Mac, he went on to co-found a number of important companies ...

  10. Andy Hertzfeld: Because we all thought we were making something for ourselves and the people we cared about. And that price, once it got up above $2,000, it could no longer be that.