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  4. Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Fertility? Here’s What the ...

    “While studies are ongoing, there is no data that the COVID-19 vaccines may cause infertility and no credible scientific theories for how the COVID-19 vaccine may cause female infertility,” Hsu said. “Statements linking COVID-19 vaccines to female infertility are currently speculative at best.”

  5. Although several fertility societies have announced that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are unlikely to affect fertility, there is no denying that the current evidence is very limited, which is one of the reasons for vaccine hesitancy in the population, especially in pregnant women.

  6. What we do know is that there’s no evidence to suggest any COVID vaccines affect fertility. Experts also say that there are much stronger known risk factors that contribute to infertility, including smoking, drinking, stress, and being overweight. Managing these can help improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

  7. Does Getting a COVID Vaccine Affect Women's Fertility?

    "The most common theory as to why COVID-19 vaccination would interfere with fertility is that antibodies to the virus will attack the placenta, specifically a protein in the placenta," Lu-Culligan explains. "We looked for this reaction and found zero evidence supporting this theory."

  8. The COVID-19 Vaccine and Fertility - ChildrensMD

    The second is we get the COVID-19 vaccine, which could cause a couple of days of fever, muscle aches, chills. There may be some side effects with the vaccine, but there is no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine causes infertility. The Bottom Line on the COVID-19 Vaccine and Fertility I’m the first to admit that we don’t know everything.

  9. The Truth About COVID-19 Vaccines and Infertility

    Dr. Spiegelman: In males, there’s no evidence for infertility related to the vaccine. There have been several studies that compared men’s sperm counts both before and after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and no significant changes were noted.

  10. Does the COVID-19 vaccine cause infertility? - CHOC ...

    Does the vaccine affect fertility? No. There is no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines can impair fertility. There is no biologic plausibility for this. Why does this theory persist then? First, let’s have a refresher lesson on how mRNA vaccines – the type of vaccine produced by both Pfizer and Moderna – work.

  11. COVID-19 Vaccines While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

    There is currently no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems in women or men. On This Page Increased Risk for Severe Illness from COVID-19 Safety and Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy People who are Pregnant Common Questions about Vaccination during Pregnancy

  12. What The Experts Say About The COVID Vaccine And Fertility ...

    What do we know about the COVID vaccine? Alright, so the COVID vaccines do not make women infertile — but that doesn’t mean it can’t affect fertility or folks who are trying to get pregnant. Here is what we do know. Women seem to have more side effects after the vaccine than men. Unfortunately, there does seem to be more side effects ...

  13. Fact check: Do COVID vaccines affect the menstruation and ...

    But concerns about a possible association between COVID-19 vaccines and irregular menstrual cycles could lead to vaccine hesitancy. The Centers for Diseas Control and Prevention says there is no...