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  2. Atari® XP is a publisher of collectible, physical games beginning with never-released and rare Atari games from the 1970s and 1980s. Shop Atari® XP Atari believes that blockchain will grow to be a more significant part of our business, creating new ways for us to interact and collaborate with partners, players and fans of our brand.

  3. Atari - Wikipedia

    Atari Motto of slagzin Have You Played ATARI Today? Oprichting 28 juni, 1972 als Atari Inc. 1984 als Atari Corporation en Atari Games 1998 als Atari Interactive Oprichter(s) Nolan Bushnell en Ted Dabney: Eigenaar Atari, SA: Sleutelfiguren Nolan Bushnell: Land Verenigde Staten: Producten

  4. Atari ROMS Downloads |

    The Atari Consumer Electronics Division properties were in turn sold to Jack Tramiel's Tramel Technology Ltd., which then renamed itself to Atari Corporation. In 1996, Atari Corporation reverse-merged with disk-drive manufacturer JT Storage (JTS), becoming a division within the company. In 1998, Hasbro Interactive acquired all Atari Corporation ...

  5. Atari Portfolio - Wikipedia

    The Atari Portfolio (Atari PC Folio) is an IBM PC-compatible palmtop PC, released by Atari Corporation in June 1989. This makes it the world's first palmtop computer . [2]

  6. Atari - Wikipedia

    Atari, Inc. · Atari Games · Atari Corporation · Atari Interactive · Atari, Inc. (gruppo Atari SA) · Atari SA · Tengen · Kee Games · JT Storage: Persone: Nolan Bushnell · Ted Dabney · Jack Tramiel · Howard Scott Warshaw · Allan Alcorn · Lyle Rains · Ed Logg · Dona Bailey · Ray Kassar: Voci correlate

  7. Kee Games - Wikipedia

    These included Elimination which was based on Bristow's Quadrapong that he had left unfinished at Atari, while Spike was based on Atari's Rebound but with an added move. Kee wanted to avoid the stigma of simply being a follower of Atari and started developing its own games, its first own game being Tank that was released in November 1974. [2]

  8. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner - Wikipedia

    In August, September and October 1982, the National Lampoon published a three-part series chronicling the lawsuit Wile E. filed against the Acme Corporation over the faulty items they sold him in his pursuit of the Road Runner. Even though the Road Runner appeared as a witness for the plaintiff, the coyote still lost the suit.

  9. Intel 4004 - Wikipedia

    The Intel 4004 is a 4-bit central processing unit (CPU) released by Intel Corporation in 1971. Sold for US$60, it was the first commercially produced microprocessor, and the first in a long line of Intel CPUs.

  10. Pong Game

    Nolan Bushnell founded Atari at 1972 in order to create games and ideas and license them to other companies for mass production. Pong was actually a training exercise for one of Atari's employees - Allan Alcorn, once it was finished, Nolan made few adjustments in order to make the game more interesting (like changing the ball's return angle ...

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    AtGames and SNK Corporation Announce; AtGames Announces Atari Games Included; AtGames Partners With Atari to Publish; AtGames Announces 2018 Line-Up of Atari;

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