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  2. Augustus - Wikipedia

    Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire and the first Roman emperor from 27 BC to AD 14. He expanded the empire, made peace with the Parthians, and reformed the system of taxation and government. He was known by many names, such as Gaius Octavius, Imperator Caesar, and Princeps Civitatis.

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  3. Augustus | Biography, Accomplishments, Statue, Death ...

    Learn about Augustus, the first Roman emperor after the republic who overhauled every aspect of Roman life and brought peace and prosperity to the Greco-Roman world. Find out his biography, accomplishments, statue, death, definition, and facts from Britannica.

  4. Augustus - Caesar, Emperor & Accomplishments | HISTORY

    Learn about the life and legacy of Augustus, the first Roman emperor who led Rome from republic to empire and founded the Pax Romana. Find out how he rose to power, married three times, built a family tree, and created a legacy of law and order.

  5. Augustus News

  6. Caesar Augustus rise to power | Britannica

    Caesar Augustus, or Octavian orig. Gaius Octavius later Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, (born Sept. 23, 63 bc —died Aug. 19, ad 14, Nola, near Naples), First Roman emperor. Born to a wealthy family, at age 18 he was named adoptive son and heir of his great-uncle Julius Caesar.

  7. Augustus - World History Encyclopedia

    Augustus was the first and greatest Roman emperor, who ruled from 27 BCE to 14 CE. He was born as Gaius Octavius Thurinus and became the name of the illustrious one after his adoptive father Julius Caesar. He cleansed Rome of its enemies, restored the Republic, and expanded its territories. Learn more about his life, achievements, and legacy.

  8. Augustus | Achievements | Britannica

    List of some of the key achievements of Augustus, also known as Augustus Caesar, first emperor of Rome. During his long reign, which began in 27 bc, the Roman world entered an era of wealth, peace, and cultural achievement that became known as the Augustan Age.

  9. Augustus - Roman Emperor, Reformer, Builder | Britannica

    Learn about the life and achievements of Augustus, the first Roman emperor who reorganized the republic into a new monarchic regime and created a durable Pax Romana. Explore his personality, policies, and legacy in this comprehensive biography from Britannica.

  10. Augustus - Expansion, Roman Empire, Emperor | Britannica

    Augustus. Augustus - Expansion, Roman Empire, Emperor: The death in 12 bce of Lepidus enabled Augustus finally to succeed him as the official head of the Roman religion, the chief priest (pontifex maximus). In the same year, Agrippa, too, died. Augustus compelled his widow, Julia, to marry Tiberius against both their wishes.