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  2. Axayacatl - Wikipedia

    Axayacatl was a son of the princess Atotoztli II and her cousin, prince Tezozomoc. He was a grandson of the Emperors Moctezuma I and Itzcoatl. He was a descendant of the king Cuauhtototzin. He was a successor of Moctezuma and his brothers were Emperors Tizoc and Ahuitzotl and his sister was the Queen Chalchiuhnenetzin.

  3. The Astonishing Axayacatl - Mexicolore

    The sixth king of the Aztecs, named Axayacatl (pronounce: ah-shah-YAH-cahtl), who ruled the Aztec Empire from 1469 to 1481, is primarily remembered for subjugating Tenochtitlan’s sister-city, Tlatelolco in 1473. In Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, the noun axayacatl (also appearing as axaxayacatl) literally means “Water-Face” (Pic 1).

  4. Axayacatl (c. 1449–1481) |

    Axayacatl ( b. ca. 1449; d. 1481), Aztec emperor from 1468/69–1481. The sixth Mexica Tlatoani (a "speaker" or ruler), Axayacatl (Watery Visage) was the grandson of two previous rulers: Motecuhzoma I on his mother's side, and Itzcoatl on his father's side.

  5. Axayacatl - Wikiwand

    Axayacatl ( / ˌæʃəˈjɑːkətəl /; Classical Nahuatl: āxāyacatl [aːʃaːˈjákatɬ] ( listen); Spanish: Axayácatl [axaˈʝakatɬ]; meaning "face of water"; c. 1449 –1481) was the sixth tlatoani of the altepetl of Tenochtitlan and Emperor of the Aztec Triple Alliance. Map showing territorial expansions of the Aztec Empire under each ...

  6. Axayacatl (insect) - Wikipedia

    Axayacatl [ɑʃɑˈjɑkɑt͡ɬ] and its plural, āxaxayacatl [ɑːʃɑʃɑˈjɑkɑt͡ɬ] (the plural form is not commonly used in daily Nahuatl) are the two common names of pre-Hispanic origin used in Mexico to refer to species of aquatic insects in the family Corixidae, the eggs of which, ahuauhtli ( [aˈwawt͡ɬi]) (in Spanish ahuautle ), deposited abundantly on rus...

  7. Emperor Axayacatl de Iztapalapa, 6to Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan ...

    Axayacatl (pron. {ah-sha-ya-ka'-tl} - the name means "Water-mask" or "Water-face") was a ruler (tlatoani) of the Postclassic Mesoamerican Aztec Empire and city of Tenochtitlán, who reigned from 1469 to 1481. He is chiefly remembered for subjugating Tlatelolco, Tenochtitlán's sister city, in 1473.

  8. Xicotencatl II - Wikipedia

    Xicotencatl II Axayacatl, also known as Xicotencatl the Younger (died 1521), was a prince and warleader, probably with the title of Tlacochcalcatl, [citation needed] of the pre-Columbian state of Tlaxcala at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire . Biography

  9. Axayacatl. | Nahuatl Dictionary

    Axayacatl. Principal English Translation: a personal name; e.g. a late fifteenth-century ruler of Mexico-Tenochtitlan who expanded the empire considerably; his father was Huehue Tezozomoctli; he bore two sons, Moteuczoma Xocoyotl and Macuilmalinaltzin (central Mexico, seventeenth century)

  10. Axayacatl | Map and Timeline

    Axayacatl. Tenochtitlan. During his youth, his military prowess gained him the favor influential figures such as Nezahualcoyotl and Tlacaelel I, and thus, upon the death of Moctezuma I in 1469, he was chosen to ascend to the throne, much to the displeasure of his two older brothers, Tizoc and Ahuitzotl.

  11. The New International Encyclopædia/Axayacatl - Wikisource ...

    AXAYACATL, ä'chȧ-yȧ-kä't'l (Mex., ‘Face-in-the-water’) (?-1477). An Aztec chief, styled in contemporary narratives, Emperor of Mexico. He is reported to have been the father of Montezuma, whom Cortes conquered.