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  2. Baroque architecture - Wikipedia

    Baroque architecture is a highly decorative and theatrical style which appeared in Italy in the early 17th century and gradually spread across Europe. It was originally introduced by the Catholic Church , particularly by the Jesuits , as a means to combat the Reformation and the Protestant church with a new architecture that inspired surprise ...

  3. Baroque architecture | Definition, Characteristics, & Facts

    Baroque architecture, architectural style originating in late 16th-century Italy and lasting in some regions, notably Germany and colonial South America, until the 18th century. It had its origins in the Counter-Reformation , when the Catholic Church launched an overtly emotional and sensory appeal to the faithful through art and architecture .

  4. What Is Baroque Architecture? - The Spruce

    Baroque architecture is a highly opulent style of building, design, and art that originated in Italy during the 17th century and spread to the rest of Europe, and eventually, the U.S. It's characterized by extremely detailed forms, marble, large-scale decoration, and bright colors.

  5. List of Baroque architecture - Wikipedia

    List of Baroque architecture. The following is a list of examples of various types of Baroque architecture since its origins. Building. Picture. Location. Date. Architect (s) St Peter's Basilica. Vatican City.

  6. What Does a Baroque Building Look Like? - ThoughtCo

    The Baroque period in architecture and art in the 1600s and 1700s was an era in European history when decoration was highly ornamented and classical forms of the Renaissance were distorted and exaggerated.

  7. Local’s Guide to San Miguel de Allende: 10 Things To Do ...

    San Miguel de Allende was also named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2008 for being a remarkable example of 16th-century Spanish Colonial Baroque architecture, as well as a place of great importance during the Mexican War of Independence. San Miguel de Allende © Champi Alvarez Top 10 Things To Do in San Miguel de Allende

  8. List of historic churches in Paris - Wikipedia

    Baroque and Classical style parish church (1653–1740) The church was begun by Louis XIV in 1653, but was not finished until 1740. The architecture was directly inspired by the new style of the Church of the Gesù in Rome. The interior offers a succession of three lavish chapels in succession after the choir, highly decorated with paintings ...

  9. Who Invented The Stairs | Storables

    Introduction Early Forms of Staircases Ancient Innovations in Staircase Design Medieval Staircases Renaissance and Baroque Stairs Industrial Revolution and Modern Staircases Contemporary Stairs Conclusion Introduction Staircases have been an integral part of architectural design for centuries.

  10. The Potsdam City Palace, reconstructed in 2013. : r ... - Reddit

    The Potsdam City Palace, reconstructed in 2013. 1 / 5. The palace reconstructed in between 2005 and 2013, the B&W photos are of before it was demolished by East Germany in 1952. The original palace was built in 1662. It is now used as the Assembly building for the Brandenburg Parliament.

  11. Architecture of Serbia - Wikipedia

    The architecture of Serbia has a long, rich and diverse history. Some of the major European style from Roman to Postmodern are demonstrated, including renowned examples of Raška, Serbo-Byzantine with its revival, Morava, Baroque, Classical and Modern architecture, with prime examples in Brutalism and Streamline Moderne .