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  2. Bartolomé de Las Casas - Encyclopedia Britannica

    Bartolomé de Las Casas, (born 1474 or 1484, Sevilla?, Spain—died July 1566, Madrid), early Spanish historian and Dominican missionary who was the first to expose the oppression of indigenous peoples by Europeans in the Americas and to call for the abolition of slavery there.

  3. Bartolomé de las Casas - Wikipediaé_de_las_Casas

    Bartolomé de las Casas, OP (US: / l ɑː s ˈ k ɑː s ə s / lahs KAH-səs; Spanish: [baɾtoloˈme ðe las ˈkasas] ; 11 November 1484 – 18 July 1566) was a 16th-century Spanish landowner, friar, priest, and bishop, famed as a historian and social reformer.

  4. Bartolomé de Las Casas | The Core Curriculumé-de-las-casas

    Bartolomé de Las Casas was born in 1484 in Sevilla, Spain. In 1502 he left for Hispaniola, the island that today contains the states of Dominican Republic and Haiti. He became a doctrinero, lay teacher of catechism, and began evangelizing the indigenous people, whom the Spaniards called Indians.

  5. Bartolomé de Las Casas summary | Britannica

    Bartolomé de Las Casas, (born August 1474, Sevilla?—died July 17, 1566, Madrid), Spanish historian and missionary, called the Apostle of the Indies. He sailed on Christopher Columbus ’s third voyage (1498) and later became a planter on Hispaniola (1502).

  6. Bartolomé de las Casas - History and Social Justice

    Bartolomé de las Casas came to Haiti as a young conquistador from Spain. He actually knew Columbus and was one of many young Spaniards who was given or “commended” a village, to do what he wanted with.

  7. Bartolomé de las Casas and 500 Years of Racial Injustice

    Bartolomé de las Casas, sickened by the exploitation and physical degradation of the indigenous peoples in the Spanish colonies of the Caribbean, gave up his extensive land holdings and slaves and traveled to his homeland in Spain in 1515 to petition the Spanish Crown to stop the abuses that European colonists were inflicting upon the natives ...

  8. Bartolomé de Las Casas - World History Encyclopedia

    Bartolomé de Las Casas (1484-1566) was a Spanish Dominican friar and former conquistador who revealed the atrocities of the conquests of New Spain and Peru and who strove to protect the basic rights of indigenous peoples in the Spanish Empire. For this reason, Las Casas is often called the 'Defender of the Indians'.

  9. Bartolomé de Las Casas -

    Bartolomé de Las Casas, the Spanish priest, historian and advocate for Native American rights, was born in Seville. As a young man, he practiced law for a short time, but, like so many other enterprising young men of his day, he went to the New World in search of new opportunities.

  10. A SHORT ACCOUNT OF THE DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES - University of..., Bartolome de las - Short Account...

    Bartolomé de Las Casas, or Casaus, came to the Spanish court after he entered the Order, to give our Lord, the Emperor, an eye-witness account of these enormities, not a whisper of which had at that time reached the ears of people here. He also related these same events to several people he met during his visit

  11. Residencial Las Casas - Wikipedia

    Residencial Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas, more commonly known as Residencial Las Casas, Caserio Las Casas or Las Casas, is a public housing complex located in San Juan, Puerto Rico consisting of 417 housing units. It is under the management of the Puerto Rico Housing Authority (Administración de Vivienda Pública in Spanish) and is under the federal housing program of the U.S. Department of ...