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  2. Bauakademie - Wikipedia

    The Bauakademie (Building Academy, also known was the Schinkelsche Bauakademie) in Berlin, Germany, was a higher education institution for the art of building to train master builders.

  3. The Bauakademie

    The Bauakademie is a research and education institution that explores the future of building through projects, events and exhibitions. It will reconstruct Schinkel's former academy building on the original site and restore its visionary spirit.

  4. The Building Academy | Architectuul

    Bauakademie. The Building Academy (Bauakademie) in Berlin, Germany, was a higher education school for the art of building to train master builders. It was built between 1832 and 1836 (later known as Schinkel's Bauakademie), is considered one of the forerunners of modern architecture due to its theretofore uncommon use of red brick and the ...

  5. On the reconstruction of the Bauakademie in Berlin: a ...

    The Bauakademie was a brick building that stood out through its uniform red color and the unusually high quality and precise dimensions of its bricks. The square plan of the Bauakademie, whose sides measured about 46 meters, was based on a regular, eight-part structural grid.

  6. Building | Bundesstiftung Bauakademie

    As a laboratory for the future of planning and construction, the Bauakademie is committed to sustainable, climate-friendly construction methods and interdisciplinary approaches to research. The Bauakademie will also apply these principles to the process of designing its future building on Schinkelplatz.

  7. The Topics | Bundesstiftung Bauakademie

    The Bauakademie supports this transformation by conducting interdisciplinary research and educational outreach on eight topics that will define construction in the 21st century: futures research, digitalization, innovation, sustainability, climate change, circular economy, urban development and housing.

    • Archäologische Grabung im Bereich der Bauakademie 2021
    • - Interview Wiebke Ahues
    • BAUAkademie Steiermark/Burgenland - Lehrabschlussprüfung Hochbau 2022
    • - Interview Max Dudler
  8. Karl Friedrich Schinkel Museum Bauakademie Berlin - Architizer

    Under the eyes of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the museum offers space for graduation celebrations for the architectural classes of berlin universities as well as for awarding the "AIV-Schinkel-Preis" - a famous award for honoring architects and engineers.

  9. Bauakademie - Wikiwand

    The Bauakademie in Berlin, Germany, was a higher education institution for the art of building to train master builders. Founded on 18 March 1799 by King Frederick William III, the institution originated from the construction department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Mechanical Sciences , which emphasized the aesthetic elements of the art of ...

  10. Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Bauakademie from 1832-1836 is considered by many architects to be one of the outstanding buildings of the 19th century. The buildin...