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  2. Bell System - Wikipedia

    The Bell System was a system of telecommunication companies, led by the Bell Telephone Company and later by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), that dominated the telephone services industry in North America for over one hundred years from its creation in 1877 until its antitrust breakup in 1983.

  3. Bell System | American telephone system | Britannica

    Bell System, a former American telephone system, governed by American Telephone & Telegraph Company (now AT&T Corporation; q.v.) and including Western Electric Company (q.v.), the system’s manufacturer; Bell Laboratories (q.v.), the research and development facility; and other departments

  4. Breakup of the Bell System - Wikipedia

    The breakup of the Bell System was mandated on January 8, 1982, by a consent decree providing that AT&T Corporation would, as had been initially proposed by AT&T, relinquish control of the Bell Operating Companies, which had provided local telephone service in the United States.

  5. Bell Telephone System -

    The Bell Telephone System was once called "Ma Bell" or "the telephone company." The system consisted of 24 Bell operating companies that became the "Baby Bells," comprising a huge network of telecommunications equipment.

  6. Bell System History - The Bell System - Bell System Memorial

    Bell System History "There are two giant entities at work in our country, and they both have an amazing influence on our daily has given us radar, sonar, stereo, teletype, the transistor, hearing aids, artificial larynxes, talking movies, and the telephone.

  7. Wireless Bell System - Network Bell System - Admoveosolutions

    This wireless system is perfect for when an organization wants to install new bells. School bell systems have especially been known to benefit from the new wireless approach to automatic bell timers. Our wireless bell controller is ideal for controlling physical bells as well as buzzers.

  8. Bell System Technical Journal, 45: 5. May-June 1966 pp 689-721. Predictive Quantizing Systems (Differential Pulse Code Modulation) for the Transmission of Television Signals. (O'Neal, J.B. Jr.) Topics: quantizing, dpcm, signal, noise, systems, sample, rms, feedback, pcm, television, bell system,...

  9. 40k. Master Numerical Index (Description of first order group codes) (now with hyperlinks to available sections) 460-000-006. 10.8m. Alphabetic-Numeric Index, (Station, Key, PBX, Private Service Systems) Set Numbers. 35k. A listing of all Western Electric set numbers (Under development) 100 Years in the Bell System.

  10. Best Doorbells for Your Home - The Home Depot

    Best Doorbells for Your Home. Doorbells are available with a broad selection of features to meet any need, ranging from units designed for people with special needs to models that can be customized to reflect your own unique style and taste. There are three basic types of doorbells: wired, wireless and smart doorbells.

  11. Home » School Bell System. Visiplex offers an easy way to upgrade or replace an existing school bell system, using wireless speakers and a bell controller to create a powerful wireless school bell system with programmable schedules and various alert tones.