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  2. Outline of Buddhism - Wikipedia

    Outline of Buddhism. Dharmacakra, symbol of the Dharma, the Buddha's teaching of the path to enlightenment. Buddhism ( Pali and Sanskrit: बौद्ध धर्म Buddha Dharma) is a religion and philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, commonly ...

  3. Buddhism by country - Wikipedia

    This list of Buddhism by country shows the distribution of the Buddhist religion, practiced by about 535 million people as of the 2010s, [4] representing 7% to 8% of the world's total population. Buddhism is the official religion in four countries, Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. [5] The religion also holds a special status in two ...

  4. Zen - Wikipedia

    Zen (Chinese: 禪; pinyin: Chán; Japanese: 禅, romanized: zen; Korean: 선, romanized: Seon; Vietnamese: Thiền) is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China during the Tang dynasty as the Chan School (Chánzong 禪宗, "meditation school") or the Buddha-mind school (foxin zong)," and later developed into various sub-schools and branches.

  5. Buddhism: Religion, Philosophy or Way of Life?

    So, he’s found a home in Buddhism, whose followers debate whether — because it’s non-theistic — it’s a religion, a philosophy or just a way of life. And Zbinden is far from alone among area residents. Buddhist centers dot the metro’s landscape and offer the three primary branches of Buddhism, though groups practicing what’s called ...

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  6. The Town Devoted to Philosophy | The MIT Press Reader

    The Larung Gar academy of philosophy, located in Kham, at an altitude of 14,000 feet, was home to more than 10,000 monks and nuns (who made up the majority of the monastic population), as well as hundreds of lay students. From nearby hilltops, the magnitude of this citadel of the mind is evident. The vista is an immense mosaic of row upon row ...

  7. Noble Eightfold Path - Wikipedia

    In Zen Buddhism for example, one can find outlines of the path such as the Two Entrances and Four Practices, The Five ranks, The Ten Ox-Herding Pictures and The Three mysterious Gates of Linji. Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. In Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, the path to liberation is outlined in the genre known as Lamrim ("Stages of the Path"). All the various ...

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    related to: Buddhism