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  2. Cai Xukun, a former top performer, was ridiculed by a group ...

    Cai Xukun, a former top performer, was ridiculed by a group of basketball videos, and has not had any masterpiece since his debut. 2023-01-23 23:56 HKT. In recent years, domestic talent show variety shows have become very popular. The most typical one is that youth has you. Relying on the joining of a large number of handsome-looking trainees, a lot of small meat has been added to the entertainment circle, and it has also made early debut.

  3. Run: Cai Xukun is so courageous, instead of calling baby ...

    A man who is talented and handsome, he frequently performed in the show is very surprising. Although Cai Xukun is very young, he is also a very responsible boy. When working with a baby, he always pays attention to Cai Xukun. To take care of the baby, the baby should be her sister, and should take care of Cai Xukun.

    • Cai Xukun 《Pull up》 Official MV
    • 【Tencent TMEA 2020】 蔡徐坤 Cai Xukun 《LOVER》+ 《TITLE》
    • 【ENG SUB】 ᐸLoverᐳ by Cai Xukun & ᐸBig Fishᐳ by Zhou Shen KeepRunning 4 EP5 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]
    • Collab Stage:"LOVER" of KUN Cai group 蔡徐坤组《情人》合作舞台纯享|Youth With You2 青春有你2|iQIYI
  4. New Music: Cai Xukun, Psy P and a Wuhan Anthem from ... - RADII

    Cai Xukun – “Lover” (情人) The former leader of boyband NINE PERCENT , Cai Xukun has been a busy fella lately. While filming for the talent show Youth With You and also getting ready to debut on the hit Chinese idol-driven show, Keep Running , he’s somehow found the time to put out a new track, “Lover.”

  5. Cai Xukun's hand, Ouyang Nana's face, and some star "giant ...

    Some netizens broke the news through a social account of a group of videos of star Cai Xukun. After the picture was exposed, it quickly aroused heated discussions among netizens, and many people's impression of Cai Xukun was greatly reduced. In the picture, Cai Xukun was walking to a building with his hands in his pockets.

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  7. Zhou Shen's exaggeration, Cai Xukun's coldness, this season's ...

    The opposite of Zhou Shen is Cai Xukun. In the first episode of the show, Cai Xukun spent about the same amount of time with his hands in his pockets as Zhou Shen was surprised. And the expression is still that kind of very dragged, quite a bit of a domineering president who has two acres of fish ponds. This is easy to understand.

  8. Cai Xukun rumored to have a girlfriend, netizens immediately ...

    On December 29, Sina reported hot news about Cai Xukun ‘s love rumor and an A-list female star with a 2-word name. Earlier in 2021, Xie Keyin (THE9) was rumored to be dating Cai Xukun. Although she has a 3-word name and is not yet listed as an A-list female star, many netizens still believe that she is Cai Xukun’s rumored girlfriend.

  9. Memories of Beauty: Cai Xukun & Bai Yufan Front Prada Campaign

    Singer Cai Xukun and actor Bai Yufan encompass Prada’s vision for this special occasion by embodying the qualities symbolized by rabbits: gentle, elegant, and contemplative. This stylish homage to Lunar New Year reinforces Prada as a timeless leader in fashion. Donning an elegant suit, Bai Yufan stars in the 2023 Prada Lunar New Year campaign.

  10. Prada Paradoxe lists with China Duty Free Group at its new ...

    Separately, Prada Beauty has named Chinese music producer and singer Cai XuKun as Prada Fragrance Ambassador. In a statement, L’Oreal Travel Retail Asia Pacific says Xakun ‘has always subverted traditional stereotypes with new and innovative ideas to expand the boundaries of music and explore infinite possibilities’.