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  2. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim - Wikipedia

    A comprehensive biography of the Finnish military leader and statesman who served as the commander-in-chief of the Finnish Defence Forces during World War II and the sixth president of Finland. Learn about his life, career, achievements, family, and legacy.

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    • Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
  3. Carl Gustaf Mannerheim | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    Learn about the life and achievements of Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, the Finnish military leader and president who led Finland against the Soviet Union in World War II. Find out how he built the 'Mannerheim Line' across the Karelian Isthmus and became a symbol of nationalism and resistance.

  4. Marshal Mannerheim, the complicated national hero who barely ...

    CARL GUSTAF EMIL MANNERHEIM IS CONSIDERED by many Finns to be one of the founding fathers of modern Finland, and his complex legacy is still actively discussed in all corners of Finnish society today. But what is known of Mannerheim beyond his experience on the front lines and his much-vaunted statecraft?

  5. How Mannerheim helped Finland earn its independence

    Learn how Mannerheim, Finland's most famous military leader, helped his countrymen earn their independence from Russia. He served in the Russian Imperial Army for decades, fought in the Winter War and the Continuation War, and became a war hero in Finland. He was also a symbol of the Finnish struggle against Soviet Russia and a champion of liberty.

  6. Mannerheim, Carl Gustaf Emil | International Encyclopedia of ...

    Friherre (Baron) Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (1867-1951) was born to the Swedish-speaking nobility of the Grand-Duchy of Finland. His father, Count Carl Robert Mannerheim (1835-1914) , had left the family after the collapse of his business and fled to Paris with his mistress, leaving the children alone with their mother, Countess Hélène ...

  7. Hitler and Mannerheim recording - Wikipedia

    The Hitler and Mannerheim recording is a 1942 recording of a private conversation between German dictator Adolf Hitler, and Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Commander-in-Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces.

  8. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim - Wikiwand

    Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was a Finnish military leader and statesman. He served as the military leader of the Whites in the Finnish Civil War , as Regent of Finland , as commander-in-chief of the Finnish Defence Forces during the period of World War II , and as the sixth president of Finland . He became Finland's only field marshal in 1933 and was appointed honorary Marshal of Finland ...

  9. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim - New World Encyclopedia

    Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (June 4, 1867 – January 28, 1951) was the Commander-in-Chief of Finland 's Defense Forces, Marshal of Finland, an astute politician, humanitarian and a successful military commander. He was the sixth President of Finland (1944–1946).

  10. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim ( Swedish pronunciation: [kɑːɭ ²ɡɵsːtav ˈeːmɪl ²manːɛrˌheɪm]; 4 June 1867 – 27 January 1951) was a Finnish military leader and statesman. [1]