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  2. House of Lancaster | English family | Britannica

    house of Lancaster, a cadet branch of the house of Plantagenet. In the 15th century it provided three kings of England—Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI—and, defeated by the house of York, passed on its claims to the Tudor dynasty.

  3. Catherine of Aragon | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    Catherine of Aragon, (born December 16, 1485, Alcalá de Henares, Spain—died January 7, 1536, Kimbolton, Huntingdon, England), first wife of King Henry VIII of England (reigned 1509–47). The refusal of Pope Clement VII to annul Henry’s marriage to Catherine triggered the break between Henry and Rome and led to the English Reformation.

  4. John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster | Biography, Family, & Facts

    John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, also called (1342–62) earl of Richmond, or (from 1390) duc (duke) d’Aquitaine, (born March 1340, Ghent—died February 3, 1399, London), English prince, fourth but third surviving son of the English king Edward III and Philippa of Hainaut; he exercised a moderating influence in the political and constitutional …

  5. House of Plantagenet - Wikipedia

    Catherine of Lancaster (1372–1418)—married Henry III of Castile, with whom she was a great-grandmother of Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII of England. John (1374–1375) Constance died in 1394, after which John married Katherine Swynford on 13 January 1396.

  6. Family tree of English monarchs - Wikipedia

    Blanche of Lancaster (1392–1409) Anne of Burgundy (1404–1432) John of Lancaster Duke of Bedford (1389–1435) Jacquetta of Luxembourg (1415/1416–1472) Richard Woodville Earl Rivers (1405–1469) Henry V (1386–1422) r. 1413–1422: Catherine of Valois (1401–1437) Owen Tudor (c. 1392 –1461) Thomas of Lancaster Duke of Clarence (1387 ...

  7. House of Tudor - Wikipedia

    Catherine of Aragon: the Church of England annulled her marriage after she failed to produce a male heir to the Tudor dynasty The new King Henry VIII succeeded to the throne on 22 April 1509. He married Catherine of Aragon on 11 June 1509; they were crowned at Westminster Abbey on 24 June the same year.

  8. Margaret of Anjou | queen of England | Britannica

    spouse Margaret of Anjou father Henry V mother Catherine of Valois Henry VI, (born December 6, 1421, Windsor, Berkshire, England—died May 21/22, 1471, London), king of England from 1422 to 1461 and from 1470 to 1471, a pious and studious recluse whose incapacity for government was one of the causes of the Wars of the Roses.

  9. John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster | Unofficial Royalty

    John of Gaunt was the fourth son but the third surviving son of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault. It is through John’s first marriage that the Duchy of Lancaster eventually became a possession of the British Crown. John is also quite important in royal genealogy. His daughter Catherine of Lancaster married King Enrique III ...

  10. Henry VII | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    Henry VII, also called (1457–85) Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond, (born January 28, 1457, Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales—died April 21, 1509, Richmond, Surrey, England), king of England (1485–1509), who succeeded in ending the Wars of the Roses between the houses of Lancaster and York and founded the Tudor dynasty. Early life

  11. Lancaster Obituaries | Local Obits for Lancaster, PA -

    View Lancaster obituaries on Legacy, the most timely and comprehensive collection of local obituaries for Lancaster, Pennsylvania, updated regularly throughout the day with submissions from ...