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  2. Conradin - Wikipedia

    Elisabeth of Bavaria. Conrad III (25 March 1252 – 29 October 1268), called the Younger or the Boy, but usually known by the diminutive Conradin (German: Konradin, Italian: Corradino ), was the last direct heir of the House of Hohenstaufen. He was Duke of Swabia (1254–1268) and nominal King of Jerusalem (1254–1268) and Sicily (1254–1258).

  3. Conradin, the last of the German Hohenstaufen dynasty, duke of Swabia, king of the Romans, and claimant to the throne of Sicily. The leading hope of the antipapal Italian Ghibellines, he led an expedition into Italy in 1267 in an unsuccessful attempt to regain Sicily from Charles of Anjou.

  4. middle ages - What were the alleged crimes that Conradin ...

    these do not discuss the legality or criminality of Conradin's actions, but whether it would be leagal to put to death prisoners of war and enemy commanders, and the only precedent it gives is the case of Conradin. So I hope that someone can cite more authoratative sources for what crimes Conradin was accused of and beheaded for.

  5. Hohenstaufen - Wikipedia

    Conradin's campaign to retake control ended with his defeat in 1268 at the Battle of Tagliacozzo, after which he was handed over to Charles, who had him publicly executed at Naples. With Conradin, the direct line of the Dukes of Swabia finally ceased to exist, though most of the later emperors were descended from the Staufer dynasty indirectly.

  6. Conradin |

    Conradin. Conradin (kŏn´rədĬn), 1252–68, duke of Swabia, titular king of Jerusalem and Sicily, the last legitimate Hohenstaufen, son of Holy Roman Emperor Conrad IV. While Conradin was still a child in Germany, his uncle Manfred made himself (1258) king of Sicily. When Manfred died the kingdom was seized (1266) by Charles I (Charles of ...

  7. Conradines - Wikipedia

    Duke of Franconia. Duke of Lotharingia. Duke of Swabia. Dissolution. 1012 - Herman III, Duke of Swabia died without issue. Cadet branches. Salian dynasty. The Conradines or Conradiner were a dynasty of Franconian counts and dukes in the 8th to 11th Century, named after Duke Conrad the Elder and his son King Conrad I of Germany .

  8. Category:Conradin of Sicily - Wikimedia Commons

    English: Conrad or Conradin (also called Conrad the Younger, Conradin the Boy, Conrad V, German Konradin or Konrad V, or Konrad der Jüngere) (March 25, 1252 – October 29, 1268), duke of Swabia, king of Jerusalem (as Conrad III), and King of Sicily 1254–1258, 1268, son of the German king Conrad IV, and of Elisabeth of Bavaria, daughter of Otto II of Bavaria, Duke of Bavaria.

  9. 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Conradin - Wikisource, the free ...ædia...

    See also Conradin on Wikipedia; and our 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica disclaimer . CONRADIN, or Conrad the Younger (1252–1268), king of Jerusalem and Sicily, son of the German king Conrad IV., and Elizabeth, daughter of Otto II. duke of Bavaria, was born at Wolfstein in Bavaria on the 25th of March 1252. Having lost his father in 1254 he grew ...

  10. Conradin | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Conrad (25 March 1252 – 29 October 1268), called the Younger or the Boy, but usually known by the diminutive Conradin (German: Konradin, Italian language: Corradino ), was the Duke of Swabia (1254–1268, as Conrad IV), King of Jerusalem (1254–1268, as Conrad III), and King of Sicily (1254–1258, de jure until 1268, as Conrad II). Conradin was born in Wolfstein, Bavaria, to Conrad IV of ...