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  2. Constance, Queen of Sicily - Wikipedia,_Queen_of_Sicily

    Constance I ( Italian: Costanza; 2 November 1154 [citation needed] – 27 November 1198) was reigning Queen of Sicily from 1194–98, jointly with her spouse from 1194 to 1197, and with her infant son Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1198, as the heiress of the Norman kings of Sicily.

  3. Constance I, Queen of Sicily -

    Constance of Sicily (1154 – November 27, 1198) was the heiress of the Norman kings of Sicily and the wife of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor. She was Queen of Sicily 1194-1198, jointly with her husband from 1194-1197, and with her infant son Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor in 1198.

  4. Constance of Aragon, Queen of Sicily - Wikipedia,_Queen_of_Sicily

    Constance of Aragon (Catalan: Constança d'Aragó; 1343 – 2/18 July 1363), was the first Queen consort of Frederick III the Simple. She was an infanta of Aragon , the eldest child of Peter IV of Aragon [1] and his first wife Maria of Navarre . [2]

  5. blessed Constance II Hohenstaufen, queen of Sicily consort of...

    Constantia or Constance (1249 - 9 April 1302) was the Queen consort of Peter III of Aragon. She was the only daughter of Manfred of Sicily and his first wife Beatrice of Savoy. Her paternal grandparents were Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and his mistress Bianca Lancia.

  6. Constance | queen of Sicily | Britannica

    Constance, German Konstanze, Italian Costanza, (born 1154—died Nov. 27, 1198, Palermo), queen of Sicily (1194–98) and Holy Roman empress-consort (1191–97), whose marriage to a Hohenstaufen gave that German dynasty a claim to the throne of Sicily and whose political skill preserved the throne for her son.

  7. Constance, Queen of Sicily | Military Wiki | Fandom,_Queen_of_Sicily

    Constance was the posthumous daughter of Roger II [1] by his third wife Beatrice of Rethel. [2] Constance, unusually for a princess, was not betrothed until she was thirty, which later gave rise to stories that she had become a nun and required papal dispensation to marry.

  8. Queens Regnant - Constance of Sicily - History of Royal Women

    Constance of Sicily was born on 2 November 1154 as the daughter of King Roger II and his third wife, Beatrice of Rethel. Constance had several siblings from her father’s first and second marriage, though only one was still alive at the time of her birth. Her eldest half-brother, Roger, had left two illegitimate children.

  9. With Tancred's untimely death in 1194, Constance again claimed the Kingdom of Sicily as its lawful queen regnant. This time she was successful. By her husband, Henry VI, she bore a son, Frederick II. This ushered in Sicily's Swabian era. Frederick was Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Germans, King of Sicily, and eventually King of Jerusalem.

  10. Constance of Castile - Wikipedia

    Religion. Roman Catholicism. Constance of Castile (1136 or 1140 – 4 October 1160) [1] was Queen of France as the second wife of Louis VII, who married her following the annulment of his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine. [2] She was a daughter of Alfonso VII of León and Berengaria of Barcelona, [3] but her year of birth is not known.

  11. German Royalty. First-daughter of Manfred of Hohenstaufen and grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, better known as Constance II of Sicily. she became consort queen of Aragon (1276) having married King Peter III (1262).