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  2. Spanish colonization of the Americas - Wikipedia

    Iberian territory of Crown of Castile. The expansion of Spain's territory took place under the Catholic Monarchs Isabella I of Castile and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon, whose marriage marked the beginning of Spanish power beyond the Iberian Peninsula.

  3. Monarchy of Spain - Wikipedia

    The Spanish monarchy is constitutionally referred to as The Crown ( Spanish: La Corona ), and it comprises the reigning monarch, his or her royal family, and the Royal Household, which supports and facilitates the sovereign in the exercise of his duties and prerogatives.

  4. Isabella I of Castile - World History Encyclopedia

    Definition. Isabella I of Castile (1451-1504), was Queen of Castile (r. 1474-1504) and of Aragon (r. 1479-1504) alongside her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon (1452-1516). Her reign included the unification of Spain, the reconquest of Granada, sponsoring Christopher Columbus in his voyage to explore the Caribbean, and the establishment of the ...

  5. Contents. A Brief History of Madrid: Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of Spain’s Capital. 13 Fascinating Facts About the Madrid Flag. Fact 1: A Symbol of Castile’s Legacy. Fact 2: The Seven Stars of Madrid. Fact 3: The Influence of the Spanish Royal Crown. Fact 4: A Flag With a Rich History.

  6. Seville - Wikipedia

    Seville Coordinates: 37°23′24″N 5°59′24″W Seville ( / səˈvɪl / sə-VIL; Spanish: Sevilla, pronounced [seˈβiʎa] ⓘ) is the capital and largest city of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia and the province of Seville. It is situated on the lower reaches of the River Guadalquivir, in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula .

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  7. The Spanish Monarchy | Overview & Family Tree - Video ...

    Isabella was the heir to the Crown of Castile, and Ferdinand was the heir to the Crown of Aragon. Together, Isabella and Ferdinand sought to unify the Spanish kingdoms and consolidate...

  8. Isabella I of Castile - Wikipedia

    Isabella I ( Spanish: Isabel I; 22 April 1451 – 26 November 1504), [2] also called Isabella the Catholic (Spanish: Isabel la Católica ), was Queen of Castile from 1474 until her death in 1504. She was also Queen of Aragon from 1479 until her death as the wife of King Ferdinand II.

  9. Castile and León - Wikipediaón

    Castile and León is a landlocked region, bordered by Portugal as well as by the Spanish autonomous communities of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, La Rioja, Aragon, Castilla–La Mancha, the Community of Madrid and Extremadura.

  10. Spain's Kingdom of Castile -

    Castile was a land of independent leaders, the most well-known of which was Count Rodrigo, until the 10th Century, when Fernan Gonzalez took control of all of it at named it Castile. The first King of Castile was Ferdinand I, who took the title in 1035 after his father, Navarre's King Sancho the Great, died.

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    related to: Crown of Castile, Spain