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  2. Cuitláhuac - Wikipediaáhuac

    Cuitláhuac was an experienced warrior and an adviser to Moctezuma, warning him not to allow the Spaniards to enter Tenochtitlan. Hernán Cortés imprisoned both Moctezuma and Cuitláhuac. Following the massacre of Aztec elites when Cortés was away from Tenochtitlan, the Mexica besieged the Spanish and their indigenous allies.

  3. Cuitláhuac | Mexica Emperor, Tenochtitlan, 1520-1521

    Cuitláhuac, also called Quetlavaca, (died October 1520, Tenochtitlán, near modern Mexico City), 10th Aztec ruler, who succeeded his brother Montezuma II in June 1520. Cuitláhuac rebelled against the Spanish occupation of Tenochtitlán, decimating Hernán Cortés’ forces in their retreat from the city on the noche triste (Spanish: “sad ...

  4. Cuitláhuac - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreáhuac

    Cuitláhuac (en náhuatl: Kwitlawak; 1476 [2] -25 de noviembre [1] al 28 de noviembre de 1520, último día del mes quecholli [3] ), también llamado Cuauhtláhuac, fue el penúltimo huey tlatoani mexica, señor de Iztapalapa y hermano de Moctezuma Xocoyotzin.

  5. Aztec capital falls to Cortés | August 13, 1521 | HISTORY

    This victory marked the fall of the Aztec empire. Cuauhtémoc, Cuitláhuac’s successor as emperor, was taken prisoner and later executed, and Cortés became the ruler of a vast Mexican empire ...

  6. Cuitláhuac contrajo la viruela, enfermedad llegada con los europeos que diezmó a la población y a los ejércitos mexicas, y murió el 3 de diciembre, o a finales de noviembre según otras fuentes.

  7. 80 Days of Cuitlahuac: The Unforgettable Impact of a Late ...

    Cuitlahuac was the 10th and penultimate huey tlatoani (roughly translated to mean ‘emperor’) of the Aztec Empire. Following the death of his elder brother, Moctezuma II, at the end of June 1520, Cuitlahuac was appointed as the new Aztec ruler. Cuitlahuac.

  8. Cuitláhuac - Wikiwandáhuac

    Cuitláhuac - Wikiwand. Cuitláhuac , modern Nahuatl pronunciation ) [1] or Cuitláhuac was the 10th Huey Tlatoani of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan for 80 days during the year Two Flint .[3] He is credited with leading the resistance to the Spanish and Tlaxcalteca conquest of the Mexica Empire, following the death of his kinsman Moctezuma II.

  9. Cuitlahuac (1467–1520) |

    Cuitlahuac (1467–1520) Cuitlahuac ( b. before 1467; d. 1520), Aztec ruler, son of Axayacatl and older brother of Motecuhzoma II. Cuitlahuac governed the disintegrating Aztec Empire for a brief period during the Spanish invasion. Ruler of the town of Iztapalapa and one of his brother's chief advisers, Cuitlahuac was already a seasoned warrior ...

  10. Cuitláhuac de Iztapalapa, 10mo Tlatoani de Tenochtitlan (1476 ...áhuac-I-10th-Aztec...

    Cuitláhuac de Iztapalapa, 10mo Tlatoani de Tenochtitlan. Birthdate: 1476. Death: November 1520 (43-44) Tenochtitlan, Mexica (Viruela (Smallpox)) Immediate Family: Son of Axayacatl, 6th Aztec Emperor. Husband of Doña Isabel de Moctezuma and Papatzin Oxomoc.

  11. Cuitláhuac, Veracruz - Wikipediaáhuac,_Veracruz

    Cuitláhuac, Veracruz. Coordinates: 18.8143°N 96.7253°W. Cuitláhuac ( Spanish: [kwitˈlawak] i) is a municipality in the Mexican state of Veracruz. It is named after Cuitláhuac, the 10th tlatoani (ruler) of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan for 80 days during the year Two Flint (1520).