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  2. Eleanor of Castile - Wikipedia

    Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 28 November 1290) was Queen of England as the first wife of Edward I, whom she married as part of a political deal to affirm English sovereignty over Gascony. She also ruled as Countess of Ponthieu suo jure from 1279.

  3. Eleanor Of Castile | Spanish Queen, Castilian Queen ...

    Eleanor Of Castile, (born 1246—died Nov. 28, 1290, Harby, Nottinghamshire, Eng.) queen consort of King Edward I of England (ruled 1272–1307). Her devotion to Edward helped bring out his better qualities; after her death, his rule became somewhat arbitrary. Eleanor was the daughter of King Ferdinand III of Castile and his wife, Joan of Ponthieu.

  4. Eleanor of England, Queen of Castile - Wikipedia,_Queen...

    Eleanor of England ( Spanish: Leonor; c. 1161 [1] – 31 October 1214 [2] [3] ), was Queen of Castile and Toledo [4] as wife of Alfonso VIII of Castile. [5] [6] She was the sixth child and second daughter of Henry II, King of England, and Eleanor of Aquitaine. [7] [8] She served as Regent of Castile during the minority of her son Henry I for 26 ...

  5. Eleanor of Castile and León, Queen consort of England (1240 ...

    Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 28 November 1290) was the first queen consort of Edward I of England. She was also Countess of Ponthieu in her own right from 1279 until her death in 1290, succeeding her mother and ruling together with her husband.

  6. Eleanor of Castile - Historic UK

    Eleanor of Castile was the wife of King Edward I of England. This medieval union was a very successful one, both politically and personally; indeed such was Edward’s grief on the death of his wife that he had the beautifully ornate stone ‘Eleanor Crosses’ erected in her memory…

  7. Edward I and Eleanor of Castile | Westminster Abbey

    In October 1254 aged just 15, he married Eleanor (Leonor), daughter of Ferdinand III, King of Castile and Leon, at Las Huelgas. It was a love match and the couple were inseparable until her death. They had four sons, including Edward II , and eleven daughters.

  8. Eleanor, Queen of Castile (1162 - 1214) - ThoughtCo

    Eleanor Plantagenet, born in 1162, was the wife of Alfonso VIII of Castile, daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine, sister of kings and a queen; mother of several queens and a king. This Eleanor was the first of a long line of Eleanors of Castile.

  9. Eleanor of Castile (1241–1290) |

    Eleanor of Castile (1241–1290) Paragon of medieval queenship, who was an active partner of her husband Edward I, accompanying him to the Holy Land on Crusade, to Gascony and Wales, while also bearing 15 children. Name variations: Eleanora of Castile; Eleanor the Faithful.

  10. Eleanor of Castile - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 28 November 1290) was the queen of Edward I of England. She was also Countess of Ponthieu from 1279 until her death in 1290. Edward and Eleanor married at the monastery of Las Huelgas , Burgos on 1 November 1254.

  11. Eleanor Of Castile |

    Eleanor of Castile ( c. 1242–90), queen of Edward I. the daughter of Ferdinand III, Eleanor married Edward I in October 1254, when they were both children, bringing with her Gascony. The couple were unusually close and Eleanor accompanied him on several crusades.

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