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  2. Blanche of Anjou - Wikipedia

    Issue James (b. 29 September 1296 – d. Tarragona, July 1334). James renounced his right to the throne in 1319 to become a monk. He refused to consummate his marriage to Eleanor of Castile, who later become the second wife of his brother Alfonso. Alfonso IV of Aragon (1299 – 24 January 1336).

  3. Berengaria of Castile - Wikipedia

    Berengaria of Castile Berengaria ( Castilian: Berenguela ), nicknamed the Great (Castilian: la Grande) (1179 or 1180 – 8 November 1246), was Queen of Castile [1] for a brief time in 1217, and Queen of León from 1197 to 1204 as the second wife of King Alfonso IX.

  4. History's Most Ruthless Kings - MSN

    In 1290, Edward’s beloved wife and queen, Eleanor of Castile,passed of sickness (it remains unclear which particular sickness it was). Overborne with grief, Edward ordered a series of 12 ...

  5. Philippa of Hainault - Wikipedia

    Philippa of Hainault (sometimes spelled Hainaut; Middle French: Philippe de Hainaut; 24 June 1310 (or 1315) [1] [2] [3] – 15 August 1369) was Queen of England as the wife and political adviser of King Edward III. [4] She acted as regent in 1346, [5] when her husband was away for the Hundred Years' War .

  6. Blanche II of Navarre - Wikipedia

    Birth Blanche was born on 9 June 1424 in Olite, Navarre. She was the second child and eldest daughter born to John II of Aragon, who was Duke of Montblanc at the time, and his wife, Blanche of Navarre . Heiress of Navarre In 1427, she, her brother Charles, and her sister Eleanor were proclaimed the rightful heirs of the kingdom of Navarre.

  7. Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scots - Wikipedia,_Queen_of_Scots

    Regency James I was assassinated in Perth on 21 February 1437. Joan had also been a target of assassination along with her husband, but managed to survive her injuries. [3] She successfully directed her husband's supporters to attack his assassin Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl, but was forced to give up power three months later. [3]

  8. Urraca of León and Castile - Wikipediaón_and_Castile

    Early years Urraca was born to King Alfonso VI of León and Castile and Constance of Burgundy. [5] Constance—Alfonso's second wife—was closely related to the French royal family and the influential Burgundian abbot Hugh of Cluny was her maternal uncle. [5]

  9. Isabella I of Castile - Wikipedia

    Isabella I ( Spanish: Isabel I; 22 April 1451 – 26 November 1504), [2] also called Isabella the Catholic (Spanish: Isabel la Católica ), was Queen of Castile from 1474 until her death in 1504. She was also Queen of Aragon from 1479 until her death as the wife of King Ferdinand II.