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  2. Emeric, King of Hungary - Wikipedia,_King_of_Hungary

    Emeric was the eldest child of Béla III of Hungary and Béla's first wife, Agnes of Antioch. His tutor was an Italian priest, Bernard. Nicholas, Archbishop of Esztergom, crowned the eight-year-old Emeric king on 16 May 1182, which confirmed Emeric's right to succeed his father.

  3. Emeric | king of Hungary | Britannica

    In Hungary: The early kings …reign of Béla’s elder son, Emeric (1196–1204), was spent largely in disputes with his younger brother, Andrew II, who on Emeric’s death expelled his infant son, Ladislas III (who died the next year), before beginning his own long reign (1205–35). Read More

  4. Saint Emeric of Hungary - Wikipedia

    Feast. November 5, in Hungary: September 4 (burial of his relics) Attributes. Boar, Lily Stem, Sword [1] Patronage. Youth, Hungarian Americans. Emeric ( Hungarian: Szent Imre herceg ), also Emericus, Emerick, Emery, Emory, and venerated as Saint Emeric (c. 1007 – 2 September 1031) was the son of King Stephen I of Hungary and Giselle of Bavaria .

  5. The Wild Boar: Hungary’s Historical Villain | Hungarian ...

    Wikipedia This Saturday marks the anniversary of the death of Prince Emeric, the first Hungarian heir to the throne, who died at a tragically young age. His death during a hunting accident gave rise to conspiracy theories about his assassination and turned the wild boar into an unusual political actor and symbol in Hungarian history. Péter Sasvári

  6. Emeric of Hungary, St. |

    EMERIC OF HUNGARY, ST. Prince (Imre in Hungarian); b. 1007; d. Sept. 2, 1031. He was the son of stephen i, king of hungary, and Gisela. Very little is known about this young prince beyond the fact that he was educated by gerard of csan Á d, made a vow of chastity but was married c. 1026 for reasons of state to some foreign princess, and died in a hunting accident.

  7. Bela III Arpad, King of Hungary & Croatia (c.1148 - 1196 ...éla-III-of-Hungary...

    A. King Emeric of Hungary (1174 – 30 September/November 1204) B. Margaret (1175 – after 1223), wife firstly of Emperor Isaac II Angelos, secondly of King Boniface I of Thessalonica and thirdly of Nicolas of Saint-Omer C. King Andrew II of Hungary (c. 1177 – 21 September 1235) D. Constance (c. 1180 – 6 December 1240), wife of King ...

  8. Category:Emeric of Hungary - Wikimedia Commons

    Emeric, King of Hungary ... Media in category "Emeric of Hungary" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Eger castle (by Pudelek) 02 - plaque.JPG.

  9. Zadar - Wikipedia

    Zadar ( US: / ˈzɑːdɑːr / ZAH-dar, [1] [2] Croatian: [zâdar] i; [3] historically known as Zara (from Venetian and Italian, pronounced [ˈdzaːra]; see also other names ), is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea, at the northwestern part of Ravni Kotari region.

  10. Austria-Hungary - Wikipedia

    (December 2021) Austria-Hungary, often referred to as the Austro-Hungarian Empire [c] or the Dual Monarchy, was a multi-national constitutional monarchy in Central Europe [d] between 1867 and 1918.