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  2. Ernst Günther II, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipediaünther_II,_Duke_of...

    Ernst Gunther II, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein (11 August 1863 – 22 February 1921), was a son of Frederick VIII, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein and Princess Adelheid of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. He inherited his father's title as titular third duke of Schleswig-Holstein .

  3. House of Oldenburg - Wikipedia

    Tools The House of Oldenburg is a German dynasty [3] with links to Denmark since the 15th century. It has had branches that rule or have ruled in Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Schleswig, Holstein, and Oldenburg.

  4. Ernst Günther – Wikipediaünther

    Ernst Günther (Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg) (1609–1689), Herzog von Schleswig-Holstein. Ernst Günther II. (Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg) (1863–1921), Herzog zu Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg. Ernst Günther (1787–1852), deutscher Bürgermeister und Landtagsabgeordneter, siehe Johann Ernst Günther.

  5. List of rulers of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Nephew of Ernest II. Regency of Prince Ernst of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1900-1905) Son of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; Nephew of Alfred. Monarchy abolished in 1918. Charles Edward: 19 July 1884: 1900–1918: 6 March 1954: Ernestine Saxe-Coburg and Gotha: Victoria Adelaide of Schleswig-Holstein 11 October 1905 Schleswig five children William ...

  6. How to tell if you have German ancestry | Who Do You Think ...

    As Prussia conquered less powerful regions including Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein, and much of Hesse in the mid 19th century, many of their citizens fled to Britain. The crack-down by the rulers of the larger German states on the attempt to set up a democratic German Confederation in 1848 also led to many political refugees – among them Karl ...

  7. Ortrud zu Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg - Geneee

    Gestorben am 6. Februar 1980 54 Jahre alt 6 Kinder 7 Enkelkinder Ehen und Kinder Verheiratet im Jahre 1951 mit Ernst August von Hannover, Prinz von Hannover, Herzog zu Braunschweig und zu Lüneburg, Prinz von Großbritannien und von Irland, geboren am 18. März 1914, gestorben am 9. Dezember 1987, 73 Jahre alt mit x

  8. A Family Affair Quiz | People | 12 Questions - Fun Trivia

    1. Habsburg-Lorraine. Answer: Defunct. The House of Habsburg-Lorraine originated in 1736 when Empress Maria Theresa, the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, married Francis III, Duke of Lorraine. Their eldest son, Joseph II, was the first Habsurg-Lorraine to rule over the Empire when he succeeded in 1765, with his son, Francis II ...

  9. German Navy (Nazi Germany) - NamuWiki독일 해군(나치 독일)

    Günther Prien (January 16, 1908 ~ March 7, 1941) - In the early days of World War II, he infiltrated the British naval base at Scapa Flow and was the man who sank the Revenge-class battleship Royal Oak. The battleship was not just a battleship, so it was in Scapa Flow, where it was highly vigilant and difficult to attack, but it did it.

  10. Parishes: Weybridge | British History Online

    The village of Weybridge is 8½ miles south-west of Kingston. The parish is bounded on the north by the Thames. It measures 3 miles from north to south and 1 mile from east to west, and contains 1,330 acres of land and 41 of water. It is bounded on the west by the natural stream of the Wey, and for a short distance by the artificial navigation.