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  2. Errico Malatesta - Wikipedia

    Errico Malatesta (4 December 1853 – 22 July 1932) was an Italian anarchist propagandist and revolutionary socialist. He edited several radical newspapers and spent much of his life exiled and imprisoned, having been jailed and expelled from Italy, England, France, and Switzerland.

  3. Errico Malatesta | Italian revolutionary | Britannica

    Errico Malatesta, Errico also spelled Enrico, (born Dec. 14, 1853, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Kingdom of Naples [Italy]—died July 22, 1932, Rome), Italian anarchist and agitator, a leading advocate of “propaganda of the deed,” the doctrine urged largely by Italian anarchists that revolutionary ideas could best be spread by armed insurrection.

  4. Errico Malatesta Reference Archive -

    Errico Malatesta, A Little Theory, 1923. Born in southern Italy in 1853, into a growing mood of republicanism, Malatesta soon saw the need for a more profound change in society, and in 1871 joined the Italian section of the International, where he linked up with the anarchist faction of the International.

  5. Errico Malatesta | The Anarchist Library

    Anarchists and the Situation — Errico Malatesta Sep 8, 2021 7 pp. Anarchists Have Forgotten Their Principles — Errico Malatesta Jul 24, 2019 7 pp. The Anarchists in the Present Time — Errico Malatesta Mar 4, 2009 9 pp. Anarchists’ Line Within The Trade Union Movement — Errico Malatesta on behalf of the Unione Anarchica Italiana Dec 30, 2021 8 pp.

  6. Malatesta: Life and Ideas | The Anarchist Library

    Malatesta also argued that small-‘a’ anarchism was the only method by which the reformists had won their dubious victories: the expansion of the suffrage to the male British working class or the struggle for female suffrage in early twentieth century Britain, which Malatesta witnessed and had known many of the key personalities in the fight, had been won from the ruling classes through direct action not peaceful petition and rallies, he argued, over and over again.

  7. Errico Malatesta - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Errico Gaetano Maria Pasquale Malatesta, más conocido como Errico Malatesta, fue un anarquista italiano, considerado uno de los principales teóricos del anarquismo moderno. Con él se puede decir que se cierra la etapa de los clásicos anarquistas. Su pensamiento posmaterialista abre una corriente, hasta el momento inexistente en la teoría anarquista, hecho que le llevará a un conflicto ideológico con el mismo Kropotkin al que considerará cercano al positivismo. Sus teorías influirán ...

  8. At The Café | The Anarchist Library

    Towards the end of 1897 Malatesta was identified and discovered by the Ancona police. He was arrested and then released. Immediately he began a round of lectures, abandoning both his journal and the unfinished dialogues. In 1898 he was placed under house arrest and in March 1899 he fled abroad, once more becoming a refugee.

  9. Anarchy | The Anarchist Library

    Title: Anarchy. Author: Errico Malatesta. Topics: classical , introductory. Date: 1891. Source: Retrieved on December 9, 2009 from Notes: Freedom Press 1974, 1994. ISBN 0 900384 74 3. L’Anarchia was written in 1891, appeared in English translation in the monthly journal Freedom (September 1891—June 1892) and was reprinted as a pamphlet by Freedom Press in 1892.