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  2. Errico Malatesta - Wikipedia

    Errico Malatesta (4 December 1853 – 22 July 1932) was an Italian anarchist propagandist and revolutionary socialist. He edited several radical newspapers and spent much of his life exiled and imprisoned, having been jailed and expelled from Italy, Britain, France, and Switzerland.

  3. Errico Malatesta | Anarchist, Syndicalist, Anarcho-Communist

    Errico Malatesta, Italian anarchist and agitator, a leading advocate of “propaganda of the deed,” the doctrine urged largely by Italian anarchists that revolutionary ideas could best be spread by armed insurrection. Malatesta became politically active while still in his teens, joining the First.

  4. Errico Malatesta Reference Archive - Marxists Internet Archive

    Errico Malatesta, A Little Theory, 1923. Born in southern Italy in 1853, into a growing mood of republicanism, Malatesta soon saw the need for a more profound change in society, and in 1871 joined the Italian section of the International, where he linked up with the anarchist faction of the International.

  5. Malatesta, Errico |

    MALATESTA, ERRICO (1853–1932), Italian anarchist. One of the most influential figures in the anarchist tradition, Errico Malatesta was born in 1853 at Santa Maria Capua Vetere near Naples, Italy.

  6. Errico Malatesta (Author of Anarchy) - Goodreads

    Errico Malatesta (December 14, 1853 – July 22, 1932) was an Italian anarchist. He spent much of his life exiled from Italy and in total spent more than ten years in prison. Malatesta wrote and edited a number of radical newspapers and was also a friend of Mikhail Bakunin. He was an enormously popular figure in his time.

  7. Anarchy - Errico Malatesta |

    Errico Malatesta: his life and ideas Italian anarchist-communist, militant, and critic of syndicalism, Errico Malatesta is one of the most influential figures in the history of… No gods, no masters: An anthology of anarchism - Daniel Guerin

  8. Malatesta, Errico, 1853-1932 |

    Errico Malatesta, who coined the unambiguous phrase above, was born on December 14, 1853. He dedicated his life to the anarchist cause, joining the Italian section of the First International Working Men's Association in 1871, shortly after the Paris Commune uprising, and dying on July 22 1932 while under arrest ordered by Mussolini.