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  2. Federico Faggin - Wikipedia

    Federico Faggin (Italian pronunciation: [fedeˈriːko fadˈdʒin], Venetian: ; born 1 December 1941) is an Italian physicist, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He is best known for designing the first commercial microprocessor , the Intel 4004 .

  3. Biography | Faggin Foundation

    Federico Faggin was born in Vicenza. (1, december 1941) 1944 Federico’s parents, Emma and Giuseppe, with Giorgio (left) and Federico, at Isola Vicentina. Federico at 14 with a contest model plane designed and built by him. 1956 1961 Federico (first from left) with the two electronic “periti” who worked with him.

  4. Faggin Foundation

    The Faggin Foundation is thrilled to announce that Federico Faggin’s autobiography “Silicon: From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness” is now available in English in paperback or kindle editions. Published in February of 2021, the audiobook edition will be available in March 2021.

  5. Federico Faggin – UC Santa Cruz Science

    Federico Faggin is a physicist, inventor, and entrepreneur. Born, raised, and educated in Italy, he immigrated to the US in 1968. He is credited with designing the world’s first commercial microprocessor, the Intel 4004 in 1971, and he went on to invent dozens of other integrated circuits.

  6. Federico Faggin - CHM

    Federico Faggin was born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1941. He received his doctorate (Laurea) in physics from the University of Padua (1965). He began working at SGS Fairchild in Italy, where he developed their first MOS process technology and their first integrated circuits (ICS).

  7. The Intel 4004 Home

    Federico Faggin signed the 4004 because: He was the leader of the design/development project of the first microprocessor, and brought it to its successful conclusion. Faggin did the detailed design work (logic design, circuit design, chip layout, tester design and test program development) with help from Masatoshi Shima , a Busicom software and ...

  8. Federico Faggin - Wikipedia

    Federico Faggin ( Vicenza, 1º dicembre 1941) è un fisico, inventore e imprenditore italiano naturalizzato statunitense [1] . Dal 1968 Faggin risiede negli Stati Uniti ed ha assunto anche la cittadinanza statunitense.

  9. Home - Siliconthebook

    Federico Faggin is a physicist, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and author. He developed the MOS Silicon Gate Technology at Fairchild (1968) and designed the world's first microprocessor at Intel (1971).


    Federico Faggin shares his fascinating journey through the ages, from being born in war-time Italy to living the American dream as he became the renown physicist, serial entrepreneur, designer of the first microprocessors and inventor of devices we still use everyday such as the touchscreen and touchpad.

  11. Federico Faggin è nato a Vicenza, Italia, nel 1941. Descrive l’essere cresciuto in un ambiente intellettuale dicendo: “Mio padre era un insegnante di storia e filosofia al liceo classico, un liceo molto tradizionale in Italia, ma era anche un libero docente, che è come un dottorato di ricerca.