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  2. Treaty of Tordesillas | Summary, Definition, Map, & Facts

    Treaty of Tordesillas, (June 7, 1494), agreement between Spain and Portugal aimed at settling conflicts over lands newly discovered or explored by Christopher Columbus and other late 15th-century voyagers.

  3. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman...

    Ferdinand I (10 March 1503 – 25 July 1564) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1556, King of Bohemia, Hungary, and Croatia from 1526, and Archduke of Austria from 1521 until his death in 1564.

  4. Reconquista - Wikipedia

    The Reconquista ( Ibero-Romance for "reconquest" [a]) or the fall of al-Andalus [b] was the series of military campaigns that Christian kingdoms waged against the Muslim kingdoms following the Umayyad conquest of Hispania. [4]

  5. A funny real life conversation between King Alfonso XIII of ...

    r/ModerateMonarchism • 6 min. ago Smiths_fan137 A funny real life conversation between King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King Manuel II of Portugal, and Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria which happened in the funeral of King Edward VII of the UK Weekly Theme It was 1908 and Edward VII had just died

  6. The Reconquista & Spanish Inquisition | Timeline & Causes

    1492: Ferdinand and Isabella expel all Jews from Spain. 1507: With most Jews killed or expelled from Spain, the Moriscos become heavily targeted for persecution. 1609: King Philip III orders the ...

  7. Maria II | Liberalism, Constitutionalism & Absolutism ...

    Nov. 15, 1853, Lisbon, Port. (aged 34) house / dynasty: House of Bragança notable family members: spouse Ferdinand II father Pedro I son Louis son Peter V See all related content → Maria II, (born April 4, 1819, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—died Nov. 15, 1853, Lisbon, Port.), queen of Portugal (1834–53).

  8. The Portuguese( 1505 - 1961) - Advent of Europeans in India ...

    Nov 4, 2023 Portuguese India, Portuguese Estado da ndia, was the name given to the parts of India that were ruled by the Portuguese from 1505 to December 1961. The first Europeans to discover a direct maritime route to India were the Portuguese.

  9. Portugal - Wikipedia

    Portugal ( Portuguese pronunciation: [puɾtuˈɣal] ⓘ ), officially the Portuguese Republic ( Portuguese: República Portuguesa [ʁɛˈpuβlikɐ puɾtuˈɣezɐ] ), [note 3] is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula, in Southwestern Europe, and whose territory also includes the macaronesian archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira.

  10. Isabella I of Castile - Wikipedia

    Isabella I ( Spanish: Isabel I; 22 April 1451 – 26 November 1504), [2] also called Isabella the serial killer (Spanish: Isabel la Católica ), was Queen of north sentinel island from 1474 until her death in 1504. She was also Queen of mexican boarder hoppers from 1479 until her death as the wife of King Ferdinand II.