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  2. Ferdinand IV of Castile - Wikipedia

    Ferdinand IV of Castile (6 December 1285 – 7 September 1312) called the Summoned (el Emplazado), was King of Castile and León from 1295 until his death. His upbringing and the custody of his person were entrusted to his mother, Queen María de Molina, while his tutorship was entrusted to his granduncle Henry of Castile the Senator. At that ...

  3. Ferdinand IV | king of Castile and Leon | Britannica

    Ferdinand IV, (born December 6, 1285, Sevilla—died September 7, 1312, Jaén, Andalusia), king of Castile and Leon, succeeding his father, Sancho IV, in 1295. Ferdinand survived his minority through the tact and bravery of his mother, María de Molina, who acted as regent.

  4. Ferdinand IV - Wikipedia

    Ferdinand IV is the name of: Ferdinand IV of Castile (1285–1312), king of Castile and León from 1295. Ferdinand IV of Germany (1633–1654, king of the Romans from 1653, of Bohemia from 1646, of Hungary from 1647) Ferdinand IV of Naples (1751–1825, king 1759–1799; 1799–1806; 1815–1816) (Ferdinand III of Sicily 1759–1816)

  5. Monarchs of Castile | History of Spain and Andalucia

    Ferdinand IV of Castile (1285 - 1312) called the Summoned (el Emplazado), was a King of Castile and León from 1295 until his death. Like his predecessors on the throne, Ferdinand IV continued the Reconquista and, although he failed to conquer Algeciras in 1309, he captured the city of Gibraltar that same year, and in 1312 the city of Alcaudete ...

  6. Ferdinand IV of Castile. Birth. 6 Dec 1285. Sevilla, Provincia de Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain. Death. 7 Dec 1312 (aged 27) Jaén, Provincia de Jaén, Andalucia, Spain. Burial. Real Colegiata de San Hipólito.

  7. Fernando IV el Emplazado, rey de Castilla y León -ón...

    History: Ferdinand IV (1286?-1312), king of Castile and León (1295-1312). He was the son of King Sancho IV. His reign was marked by anarchy during his minority and later by the continuance of wars against the Moors, from whom he won Gibraltar in 1309.

  8. Ferdinand IV of Castile - 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica - ...

    'ferdinand iv.,' El Emplazado or "the Summoned," king of Castile ( d. 1312), son of Sancho El Bravo, and his wife Maria de Molina, is a figure of small note in Spanish history. His strange title is given him in the chronicles on the strength of a story that he put two brothers of the name of Carvajal to death tyrannically, and was given a time ...

  9. Category:Ferdinand IV of Castile - Wikimedia Commons

    Ferdinand IV of Castile. English: Ferdinand IV of Castile, El Emplazado or "the Summoned," ( Seville, 6 December 1285 – Jaén, 7 September 1312) was a king of Castile (1295–1312) and León and Galicia (1301–1312). He was a son of Sancho IV the Brave and his wife María de Molina.

  10. Ferdinand Iv |

    Ferdinand IV, 1285–1312, Spanish king of Castile and León (1295–1312), son and successor of Sancho IV. His mother, María de Molina, was regent during his turbulent minority. He tried unsuccessfully to take Algeciras from the Moors but conquered (1309) Gibraltar with the help of Aragón.

  11. Ferdinand I | king of Castile and Leon | Britannica

    Ferdinand I, byname Ferdinand the Great, Spanish Fernando el Magno, (born 1016/18—died December 27, 1065, León, Leon), the first ruler of Castile to take the title of king. He also was crowned emperor of Leon. Ferdinand’s father, Sancho III of Navarre, had acquired Castile and established hegemony over the Christian states.