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  2. François-Noël Babeuf - Wikipediaçois-Noël_Babeuf

    François-Noël Babeuf (French: [fʁɑ̃swa nɔɛl babœf]; 23 November 1760 – 8 Prarial, Year V [27 May 1797]), also known as Gracchus Babeuf, was a French proto-communist, revolutionary, and journalist of the French Revolutionary period.

  3. François-Noël Babeuf | French Revolutionary, Political ...

    François-Noël Babeuf, early political journalist and agitator in Revolutionary France whose tactical strategies provided a model for left-wing movements of the 19th century and who was called Gracchus for the resemblance of his proposed agrarian reforms to those of the 2nd-century-bc Roman.

  4. François-Noël Babeuf and his role in the French Revolution

    François-Noël Babeuf, (born Nov. 23, 1760, Saint-Quentin, France—died May 27, 1797, Vendôme), French political journalist and agitator. During the era of the French Revolution he advocated an equal distribution of land and income.

  5. The Marxist Before Marx - Foundation for Economic Education

    Babeuf was, as the title of a biography attests, the world’s first revolutionary communist. Babeuf's Mental Condition. He was born Francois-Noel Babeuf in 1760 in northeastern France. He changed his first name twice in later life—first to “Camille” and later to “Gracchus.”

  6. Francois-noel Babeuf |

    The French political revolutionist and writer François Noel Babeuf (1760-1797) was active during the French Revolution. He was among the first to advocate socialism as a political institution for solving the problems of society. François Babeuf was born in Saint-Quentin on Nov. 25, 1760.

  7. François-Noël Babeuf - Alpha History

    François-Noël Babeuf (1760-97) was a radical journalist and political activist during the later stages of the French Revolution. He is best known for leading a failed plot against the government of the Directory in 1796. Babeuf was born in St Quentin in the northern province of Aisne, the son of a soldier.

  8. François-Noël Babeuf - Wikiwandçois-Noël_Babeuf

    François-Noël Babeuf , also known as Gracchus Babeuf, was a French proto-communist, revolutionary, and journalist of the French Revolutionary period. His newspaper Le tribun du peuple was best known for its advocacy for the poor and calling for a popular revolt against the Directory, the government of France.

  9. Babeuf, François-Noël | SpringerLink

    Gracchus Babeuf, considered by posterity as the head of the “first active communist party” (Marx 1845), never claimed to be a communist. And yet this word appeared in political vocabulary in 1795. But even in 1796, Babeuf still spoke at the most of “communitism,” of real equality, and of founding a society of co-partners.