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  2. Franz Joseph I of Austria - Wikipedia

    Franz Joseph I or Francis Joseph I (German: Franz Joseph Karl, Hungarian: Ferenc József Károly, 18 August 1830 – 21 November 1916) was Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, and the other states of the Habsburg monarchy from 2 December 1848 until his death on 21 November 1916.

  3. Franz Joseph was the eldest son of Archduke Francis Charles and Sophia, daughter of King Maximilian I of Bavaria. As his uncle Emperor Ferdinand (I) was childless, Franz Joseph was educated as his heir-presumptive. In the spring of 1848 he served with the Austrian forces in Italy, where Lombardy-Venetia, supported by King Charles Albert of Sardinia, had rebelled against Austrian rule.

  4. Franz Joseph I of Austria Biography - WorldAtlas

    Francis Joseph I, popularly known as Franz Joseph I, was the King of Hungary and Bohemia, an Emperor of Austria, as well as a monarch of several other states of the Astro-Hungarian Empire from 1848 to 1916. He was also the German Confederation’s president from 1850 to 1866. Franz Joseph I is considered the longest-serving King of Hungary and Emperor of Austria and the third-ruling monarch of any country in the history of Europe.

  5. Franz Joseph I of Austria - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    Charles I of Austria became emperor in 1916 and reigned from 1916-1918. Franz Joseph's 68-year reign is the third-longest in the history of continental Europe (after those of Louis XIV of France and Ioannes II, Prince of Liechtenstein ). Issue change | change source Archduchess Sophie of Austria; 5 March 1855 – 29 May 1857.

  6. Franz Joseph I Of Austria Biography - Facts, Childhood ...

    Franz Joseph I was the longest-reigning emperor of Austria and the king of Hungary. He ruled over the kingdoms from 1848 to 1916, until his death. He was also the third-longest-reigning ruler in the history of Europe, after Louis XIV of France and Johann II of Liechtenstein. He was also the president of the ‘German Federation’ from May 1, 1850, to August 24, 1866.

  7. The Tragic Story Of Emperor Franz Joseph I -

    Emperor Franz Joseph I rose to power when he was only a teenager. He was the latest ruler from the powerful royal family known as the hou se of Habsburg. The youthful leader began his reign on December 2, 1848, after his uncle Emperor Ferinand I abdicated the throne (via Britannica ).

  8. Franz Joseph and Elisabeth – and they lived happily ever ...

    Franz Joseph and Elisabeth, the ‘perfect couple’ of the Austrian monarchy, have gone down more in the annals of popular literature than in history. The emperor falls in love with a beautiful young princess and takes her back to his palace; such is the stuff of fairytales. But how happy was their marriage in reality?

  9. Doomed Facts About Franz Joseph, Emperor Of Austria - Factinate

    The world welcomed Franz Joseph I of Austria on August 18, 1830. His parents, Archduke Franz Karl and Princess Sophie of Bavaria, were absolutely elated with his birth, but his dear old mom was especially excited. Franz Karl’s lack of ambition and drive was a disappointment to the power-hungry Sophie.

  10. Who Was The Real Franz Joseph I From Netflix's 'The Empress'?

    Franz was the emperor of Austria from 1848-1916 and the king of Hungary from 1867-1916, according to Brittanica. His two roles divided his empire into the Dual Monarchy where Austria and...

  11. Elisabeth | Biography, Facts, & Assassination | Britannica

    Elisabeth, (born December 24, 1837, Munich, Bavaria [Germany]—died September 10, 1898, Geneva, Switzerland), empress consort of Austria from April 24, 1854, when she married Emperor Franz Joseph. She was also queen of Hungary (crowned June 8, 1867) after the Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich, or Compromise. Her assassination brought her rather unsettled life to a tragic end.

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