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  2. Frederick the Great - Wikipedia

    Frederick II ( German: Friedrich II.; 24 January 1712 – 17 August 1786) was King in Prussia from 1740 until 1772, and King of Prussia from 1772 until his death in 1786.

  3. Frederick Barbarossa - Wikipedia

    Frederick Barbarossa (December 1122 – 10 June 1190), also known as Frederick I (German: Friedrich I, Italian: Federico I ), was the Holy Roman Emperor from 1155 until his death 35 years later. He was elected King of Germany in Frankfurt on 4 March 1152 and crowned in Aachen on 9 March 1152.

  4. House of Habsburg - Wikipedia

    Francis I, Emperor of Austria 1804–1835: formerly Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor (→Family Tree) Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria 1835–1848 ; Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria 1848–1916. Charles I, Emperor of Austria 1916–1918. He died in exile in 1922. His wife was of the House of Bourbon-Parma. Kings of Hungary (Habsburg-Lorraine)

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  5. St. Engelbert of Cologne - Catholic News Agency

    Emperor Frederick II, who had taken up his residence permanently in Sicily, gave Germany to his son, Henry VII, then still a minor, and in 1221 appointed Engelbert guardian of the king and...

  6. Teutonic Order - Wikipedia

    Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, elevated his close friend Hermann von Salza to the status of Reichsfürst, or "Prince of the Empire", enabling the Grand Master to negotiate with other senior princes as an equal.

  7. See Author's Response. See for example his Der König Friedrich II von Preußen und die Deutsche Nation, (Schaffhausen, 1860). Back to (1) For the dispute over the medieval Kaiserreich between Sybel and Ficker see Friedrich Schneider, Universalstaat oder Nationalstaat, Macht und Ende des ersten deutschen Reiches.

  8. Maximilian I: Holy Roman Emperor and Habsburg Superstar

    His father was the reigning Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick III (who was also King Frederick IV of Germany), and his mother was Eleanor of Portugal. Frederick's brother Albert raised an army against him in 1462, which included a siege of Vienna that kept the royal family holed up for some time.

  9. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

    Ferdinand I (10 March 1503 – 25 July 1564) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1556, King of Bohemia, Hungary, and Croatia from 1526, and Archduke of Austria from 1521 until his death in 1564.

  10. The Holy Roman Emperor Francis - Social Studies for Kids

    Francis Stephen was Holy Roman Emperor for a time in the mid-18th Century. He was the husband of Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa, whose succession and reign were marked by controversy and war. He was born on Dec. 8, 1708, at the Ducal Palace of Nancy, in the Duchy of Lorraine.

  11. Holy Roman Emperor - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms Roman Emperor

    Holy Roman Emperor from 1152 to 1190; conceded supremacy to the pope; drowned leading the Third Crusade (1123-1190) Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II the Holy Roman Emperor who led the Sixth Crusade and crowned himself king of Jerusalem (1194-1250)

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