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  2. George III | Biography, Madness, & Facts | Britannica

    George III, in full George William Frederick, German Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, (born June 4 [May 24, Old Style], 1738, London—died January 29, 1820, Windsor Castle, near London), king of Great Britain and Ireland (1760–1820) and elector (1760–1814) and then king (1814–20) of Hanover, during a period when Britain won an empire in the Seven Years’ …

  3. Peace of Westphalia | Definition, Map, Results, & Significance

    Ferdinand III Frederick William Maximilian, count von Trauttmansdorff Johann Rudolf Wettstein ... (Show more) See all related content → Summary Read a brief summary of this topic Peace of Westphalia, European settlements of 1648, which brought to an end the Eighty Years’ War between Spain and the Dutch and the German phase of the Thirty Years’ War.

  4. Book Review: A Most English Princess by Clare McHugh

    She married the future Frederick III, German Emperor at the age of 17 and went on to have eight children with him. Tragically, his reign would last just 99 days as he was already suffering from throat cancer. A Most English Princess by Clare McHugh is a novel about the early life of Victoria and the early years of her marriage to Frederick.

  5. Charlemagne | Biography, Accomplishments, Children, & Facts

    Charlemagne, also called Charles I, byname Charles the Great, (born April 2, 747?—died January 28, 814, Aachen, Austrasia [now in Germany]), king of the Franks (768–814), king of the Lombards (774–814), and first emperor (800–814) of the Romans and of what was later called the Holy Roman Empire. Early years

  6. German Empire - Wikipedia

    From left, on the podium (in black): Crown Prince Frederick (later Frederick III ), his father the emperor, and Frederick I of Baden, proposing a toast to the new emperor. At centre (in white): Otto von Bismarck, first Chancellor of Germany, Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, Prussian Chief of Staff.

  7. Wilhelm II, German Emperor - Wikipedia,_German_Emperor

    Born during the reign of his great-uncle Frederick William IV of Prussia, Wilhelm was the son of Prince Frederick William and Victoria, Princess Royal. Through his mother, he was the eldest grandchild of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. In March 1888, Wilhelm's father ascended the German and Prussian thrones as Frederick III.

  8. Frederick II (Frederick the Great) leading his Prussian ...

    Post-mortem photo of Friederich III. Known as “99-Tage Kaiser” (99-Days Emperor) he was German Emperor and King of Prussia from 9 March-15 June 1888, before succumbing to throat cancer. 109 14 r/monarchism Join • 1 mo. ago A village built by King Charles. Poundbury, UK r/ArchitecturalRevival • 1 mo. ago • u/epic-yolo-swag Poundbury, Uk.

  9. List of Germans - Wikipedia

    Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781–1841), architect and painter Johann Conrad Schlaun (1695–1773), architect Gottfried Semper (1803–1879), architect Albert Speer (1905–1981), architect Wilhelm Kreis (1873–1955), architect Artists[ Main article: List of German artists See also: List of German architects and List of German painters

  10. Frederick the Great - Wikipedia

    When Frederick ascended the throne as the third "King in Prussia" in 1740, his realm consisted of scattered territories, including Cleves, Mark, and Ravensberg in the west of the Holy Roman Empire; Brandenburg, Hither Pomerania, and Farther Pomerania in the east of the Empire; and the Kingdom of Prussia, the former Duchy of Prussia, outside of …